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    S2's Build Thread

    How can I steal all your ideas, if I finish my build first? I love your fixed rear tail section idea, I've been planning to do the same on my car to compliment my custom diffuser, wing uprights and rear bumper. Nice progress Scott on this rolling piece of art. I'm also happy to see you fabbing...
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    Hi Ken, I have all the uprights, make me an offer. I'm in WA state and can ship them quick...

    Hi Ken, I have all the uprights, make me an offer. I'm in WA state and can ship them quick. Reach out at [email protected] or 408-569-4971
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    Aaron's SL-C build...

    She is looking incredible with the doors open. The side view mirrors are dope, she is going to be a stunner when she gets the final touches.
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    Aaron's SL-C build...

    Wow, you are cooking along Aaron! Looks like you are getting close to paint!
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    Kurt H (hoffkm) SL-C build thread

    Hey Kurt, will you please share your defroster vent 3d files? I'm at that stage with my AC install.
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    Wanted SLC front nose hinges

    Bump! Any word from RCR?
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    Wiper blade for stock SLC arm?

    Hey Kyle, I have the stock windshield wiper motor (Marinco MRV) and I just ordered the wiper arm and wiper blade below. I'll let you know how they fit. I ordered them from The wiper blade is the Polymer/Silicone blade which part # 32020B. If you want the black stainless steel...
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    SLC 001 Build

    Can't wait to see more Vinyl, that car is a blank canvas :)
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    How does superlite's SL-C handle in the winter?

    Marcus, please share video of your snowy and rainy drives in your Superlite SLC. I'm happy when anyone is willing to take on a big build and then use it for what it was built for. Double check that you can mount all season tires on whatever wheels you choose and do an extra thorough job of...
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    Aaron's SL-C build...

    Mesa was having an oil leak on the ram lift due to the oil spraying out of the vent hole, he has a solution on his build thread using a Tilton fitting that redirects the internal oil flow.
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    Fling SLC Build Thread

    I like those lighted metal push buttons and button panel, where did you source them? I'm also digging the lower panel section, though I feel that for me I would lose too much leg room with that change. Exciting times! Can't wait to see it come back from the interior upholstery shop.
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    SLC 001 Build

    Hey Mesa, I think that wrap could work, but I would not leave the white "blades in front of each wheel, I would color those as well. Are you thinking of doing a wrap? or paint?
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    Aaron's SL-C build...

    Those canards look the business! The body is really coming together, what's next on the hit list?
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    Converting RHD SLC to LHD

    That dash looks awesome! You are inspring me to break out the fiberglass supplies.
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    Superlite gated shifter

    Since the previous video links are dead, I uploaded them to YouTube for future builders.