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    [email protected] Sorry was away for a few days. Looks like the all the rack mounting...

    [email protected] Sorry was away for a few days. Looks like the all the rack mounting holes on the front bulk head are incorrect on my car. Hoping to work out correct location tomorrow.
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    T70 IIIb Steering Rack mounting

    Graham, PM sent. Been looking at a few more tub photo's. Suspect the LH mounting holes have been drilled in the wrong location. All the other dimensions seemed to be working out ok. Had to be a cockup somewhere along the line.
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    T70 IIIb Steering Rack mounting

    Much appreciated. Found out overnight that the ADO16 Morris/Austin platform has the steering mounted behind the axle line so Lola used LHD racks mounted upside down. I never looked before and just assumed it was a RHD rack. Wanting to keep to the original design but at least if the FIA...
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    T70 IIIb Steering Rack mounting

    Hi guys. When I logged on before it said I hadn't logged on since 2008. Can't recall if that correct or not so have to assume it is. Good to see more T70 stuff going on now than in the past. I've given up on that work for a living rubbish. It was interfering too much with T70 building, so...
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    T70 MkII Engine Mounts

    Thanks Guys, The block seems to be sitting too low in our tub. These engine mounts confirm it. I'm estimating they are around 2" long. The rear bulkhead may need to go up a little or the upper gearbox mounts are drilled too low. Regarding Mk - IV J6 Comment. Assume you are talking about the...
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    T70 MkII Engine Mounts

    Johan, I have seen the engine mounts on the Spyder that was rebodied as a coupe with the hot road paint job. I think the photo's were on this website several years back. The only local car here in Aus has had the back end redesigned. Longer wheelbase and the engine is set back further in the...
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    T70 MkII Engine Mounts

    Thanks Johan, much appreciated. Pretty happy with the way the tub has turned out to date. I'll post some pics once the front end is back on. Needed a minor rework to get it spot on.
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    Another R.C.R70 Mk3b

    Fran, Will send an email tomorrow from work. Let me know if you don't get it.
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    T70 MkII Engine Mounts

    Would anyone be able to help out with some photo's of original T70 MkII Spyder engine mounts. My only reference has had the backend completely changed, including a longer wheelbase.
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    Alright, Lola Wheels, what is the deal?

    Darren, Didn't pick up earlier, but is Dymag producing the IIIb wheels for the continuation cars. The photo is not too clear so I can't see if its the original profile.
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    Alright, Lola Wheels, what is the deal?

    Ron, The wheel centre in this photo originated from myself. The centre was taken off an original MkII Lola wheel, and still has the correct part number cast into the rear spokes. I was planning to produce some for sale, but am waiting for replys. I haven't heard back yet. A lot of time went...
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    New Spyder pics on GD UK website

    Guys, Aren't the SL75 series (ie MkIIIb Spyders) the latter CanAm spyders after the MkII and have no relation to the MkIIIb coupe. The chassis was a light weight version of the MkII, and the body a revised version of the MkII spyder. Fran's car is unique. Well done! Fran, I suspect you...
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    Another first...Australia

    Hey Chris, Nice wheels. Where can I get a set. :-) Would anybody have some original MkIIIb wheels laying around as well.
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    917 Flat 12 Engine Drawings

    John, A friend of mine built a flat 12 engine for his 917 replica recently. It was on display at the Phillip Island historics in Feb. He used two 911 engines nose to nose, so one is running backwards, with the required mods to pistons gudgeons etc. The Paul Fre're books have some good...
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    T70 MK3b Calipers: Back into production?

    I thought the MkIIIb calipers were a unique Lola item. Any photo's available.