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    Glickenhaus is at it again!

    It can be if they run a virtual race ;) You've got to give it to Jim, he puts his money where his heart is. Respect.
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    Mason’s Build: Superlite SLC

    If you don't already have the rod ends then you can decide for yourself whether you make them 'turnbuckle' style or not. I would chose left and right if building form scratch.
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    Ken's SLC build thread

    LOL, I was thinking if your wife saw that, ONE of you would be moving! Bonus points awarded for the trailer hitch.
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    SLC race tail wing on or off

    Another consideration is whether you plan to look over the wing or under it, as far as being able to see anything in the view mirrors. If you run the Dumbo mirror location you can't put the wing very high I'd imagine. If you run lower mirrors then you need to make sure you have it high enough to...
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    Jim hall interview. Fantastic!

    in The Library of Congress Ironically I had just watched this independent of Howard's post. Great stuff.
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    Nose hinge

    Ed, Call Will, I'm sure he has the details.
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    Ferrari Powered GT40

    PM sent to you Troy
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    Centroid Fuel Sender

    So the SpeedHut stuff is NOT a Centroid manufactured part and proven reliable? Then maybe that is what I need. Thanks
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    Centroid Fuel Sender

    Jerry, Thanks for the information. The replacement sender I am currently using is from the boat world and honestly I don't think the resolution is what it needs to be. BUT at least it functions the same way every time. My issue now is that as the fuel gets to the last 5 gallons the gauge reads...
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    Twin Turbo Gurney Car

    AND it is in my 'hood'. I'll try and stay out of his way, in a straight line at least! Bonus! I get to see some of your work Chris.
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    Centroid Fuel Sender

    I hope others have better luck with their centroids than I did, mine would consistently fail to hold the calibration settings. I bought a second one in hopes my experience was a fluke, unfortunately it wasn't. Preferably the one they sell now (if any different) is a whole lot more reliable. I...
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    audi V10 into a slc

    Well look at that.... Nils, Iv'e never seen a picture of an Audi powered SLC, thanks! Being an Audi fan (S8 and TT) I guess I'll go looking for build information on your car now (IF that is a picture of your car. Have anymore pictures? Fred are you in the US? Not so much BODY modifications...
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    Ken's SLC build thread

    Bob, I like it! Since I have the original steel version, hate the scraped up look, would prefer aluminum AND has been tested successfully - this looks like the answer for me. May I use your file? I'd have to modify it since the steel bracket center to center of the door mount posts are narrower...
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    Restarting my SLC project in West Texas

    I think on mine, I over spec'ed the condensers and my evaporator FREEZES up! My clue is that the air flow decreases the longer the unit is on. Then after sitting a bit, the air velocity returns to normal. I suppose the fix would be to use a larger evaporator unit, except of won't fit.
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    I'm probably due for the same repair, thanks for the info. Where did you get the repair 'kit'? What O rings are needed if one does not have the kit?