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    Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build

    I second absolutly Ian !!!!!!! be very very very carefull at beginning to use those Lathe and Mill can be a pleasure to use but a disaster if you are not aware of all those small tricks to avoid very bad and dangerous situation Yo need to consider those machines same way you consider your...
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    Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build

    Just look there for a quick start Then just look at your friend "goouugl" with words like" Machining on a lathe " and you will find books !! Have done a try and found already 1 book and 3 adds...
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    Wanted : CAD drawings for Front and Back Upright.

    "drawings i have found in this forum if i have complete CAD drawing is feasable. " What sort of drawings did you find ? Are they enought detailed to be applied in CAD Are you sure those drawings match your wischbones ?
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    Wanted : CAD drawings for Front and Back Upright.

    You have ordered a Tornado kit so you will receive Tornado whishbones and uprights ???? From what I remember those uprights where ( time ago ) Granada front ones and rear steel welded ones ?? and then some years ago they offered replacement( or option ) with new alumium uprights so if...
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    Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build

    Watever material will need some practice ; Each material need not only diferent machining speed ( say RPM) but also tools profile and how many material you grind off at same time Soft material like Delrin or POM need hight RPM and deep profile cut on facial or radial tool ( this will give you...
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    Le Mans Classic postponed till 2021

    Do not hurry doing your organisation ( say organising your travel) ...... things are changing so kickly every day and week !!! Until vaccine will low down the contamination at 5000 a day government will not allow any more sport days ; yesterday Prime minister annonced that Saturday we will be...
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    Alans Scratch build

    We have been using Stainless steel rods for decades to weld steel chassis with a lot of sucess and absolutly no issues at all ; this is a trick many "old crocodile welders" have shown to us and since we have used this we noticed that warping and other surprising movment of chassis after...
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    Picture Request: Fuel Pump Arrangement

    You can have some interesting info here ; Look from post 158 There are so many arrangement possible ; depending on how yo want to upgrade your system do you want only to minimise hoses keeping all ancilaries ...
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    Picture Request: Fuel Pump Arrangement

    Sems you have a twin pump diagram ... that's ok but why do you have 2 regulators ? Are they both connected to the engine ? Do you have check valves at every pump out let ? To minimise hoses , leaks etc you can also use a small "low pressure" welded tank to connect pumps flow with...
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    Alans Scratch build

    Another good information or "trick" ; Use stainless steel rods for material to weld , you will have a cleaner weld aspect and a much more efficient "mobilitiy " on welded areas ( those being always very stiff no problem at all ) Using those and welding properly ( say on variuos area depending...
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    What's happening in the USA ?

    Isn't time to close this thread ? I was just humbly thinking that we are on a nice builder and fans forum so speaking of welds , tubes , uprigths isn' it more interesting than listening or watching what all TV news are reporting anyway ?????? Isn't better to concentrate on our passion , toys...
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    Converting RHD SLC to LHD

    OOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH !!!!!!!! Try to follow those small tricks to be sure to do a good and safe work ; 1/ have in hand all those necessary things before to start ; aluminium tape white light powder named "flox" or "aerosil" ( they are very microscopic bubbles of glass ) Peel ply ( it is...
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    Rollbar measurements on chassis

    Hi Kristian There was long time ago René doing an excellent build using a body from the same brand you stated and he was so kind to share the drawings he did to build his chassis ( drawings where published on the forum and he very friendly autorised anyone to use those) When he received his...
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    M6B Tragic

    I was wondering just yesterday when we will be delighted with an up date and bingo !! to day superb pics !!!! Congratulations on your last work Hope you and family are safe with all this situation and whish you a good and safe new year !!
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    Plan châssis GT40 Mk1 et dimension

    In the link posted by John you have all necessary drawings to built the chassis ; René friendly posted those on the same time he posted so many pics of his excellent built Be aware in buying a kit of all ready cut tubes from a company whose reputation have been described so many times on...