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    Anyone out there still riding motorbikes.

    Triumph 500 cafe racer Here are some pics of the Bike I built 2 years ago for the road, I still ride it..when the weather is good... Triumph 500 cafe racer Triumph 500 cafe racer Triumph 500 cafe racer I built the Frame, Tank ,seat unit,Oil Tank, Exhausts, Footrests, etc..Its a...
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    Cam change

    Hi Jack, You may be able to soften the power on your engine, by re-timing the cam. Here is an intresting discussion on the subject. I have experimented with re-timeing cams on a twin cam engine, and its supprising what difference it can make Cam timing question .
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    Anyone out there still riding motorbikes.

    Kenny Roberts TZ 750 Flat Tracker... It had 125 hp and could reach almost 150 mph at the end of the straights Kenny said "Thay dont pay me enough to ride that thing" It won its first race by a bikes length. It was never raced again, and was later banned .
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    Help with UN1 Rod Setup

    some more pics
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    Help with UN1 Rod Setup

    Martin, I have loads of pics of gearchanges that I have collected from this site. If you look in the build log threads you will find some..Here are some of the pics I have colleted
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    Anyone out there still riding motorbikes.

    My Collection of British 360 degree Parallel Twins from past to present AJS 500 Twin Norton 750 Fastback Commando Triumph 750 Bonniville 920 Norton EML Sidecar These are different bikes Ive built with my Triumph 500 cc 1972 engine.That I have owned for 23 yrs. The First...
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    5.7 litre Chevrolet Chevette

    Keith, Thats a very intresting car.....I would imagine it was very exciting to drive, Please tell us more about it. Mick
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    GT40 Mk2 Chassis Build Plans

    Hi John, There are some plans on this build 31 .
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    New Brough Superior Motorbike Launch

    Keith. The Scott Flying Squirrel was a 596 cc water-cooled two-stroke twin. Im sure there is one at the Sammy Milller museum The Silk Scott 700S was made in 1978
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    Mono and Space Frame Combined Chassis

    Dave, Is this what you were thinking of. Its made from stainless steel Here is a link to their website Beck 904 -- The Ultimate Replica Mick
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    M20 Dreaming

    Hi Leon Ive been looking for some pics for you, and I found this site It says the Macleren M20-3 is part of the ROFGO collection, which is only 30 mins from where I live. I have emailed them, and asked if I can see their M20-3...
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    Mclaren m8a tribute

    Some M 20 pics
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    Mclaren m8a tribute

    Leon, Im sorry I dont have any pics showing the front of the M20 Kris, Ill post the pics I have. There are some very intresting pics on this site Scott Hughes' McLaren M8F Can-Am Racecar
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    Mclaren m8a tribute

    Your welcome Kris, I do have a few more M8,and M20 pics I can post if you want .
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    Mclaren m8a tribute

    Kris...Here are the last of the pics. I hope they help you with your project, and I look foreward to seeing some pics as it progresses. I did study the Maclaren chassis in detail, before starting my chassis