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    Part 2 of Don's Mk IV Build

    I rather favor the red car treatment.
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    Sonoma Historics

    Is anyone going the the Sonoma Historic races in June? I'm seriously considering going probably not as crowded as Monterey.
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    A tunnel question

    I've noticed on several builds. That the tunnel for the gear shift & hoses? Just stops about the dash bulk head. Why? It seems to me that if it was brought all the way to the front bulk head & tied in. It would act as a "back bone" & add torsional & longitudinal strength instead of just being an...
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    My Lotus build

    Been working on the nose this week. I didn't like the "Chevron happy car" look or the angularity. So I added about 5" to it & completely reshaped it. Remade the headlight buckets, made them longer & deeper so I can put a turn signal light under the head light. Also building a ledge for the head...
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    Just thinking

    I was just surfing through "Lotus" on ebay & noticed a couple of Elise chassis for sale. Interesting little units. I wonder if you could adapt a body (say Mclaren Mk6) to it? Just one of those what ifs? LOL
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    Coffee & Cars orange county

    I've heard about the coffee & cars but never been there. Are they still doing it? Where? When? Thanks Mike
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    Lotus 38 ish Replica

    Cute kid make'3 me miss my Grandson (also a blondie) who's also 3. Nice car too. What's the white partial car in the background? A Porsche?
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    H Craft GT-R

    When you say "OEM or Factory" do you mean the current Ford GT their making? Or originally?
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    Lola GT MK6 Early Photos

    Michel actually I went back & looked there may be as many as 10. A couple that are hard to tell for sure LOL But it sure shows the dominance of Lotus (number of cars in the field) in the class at that time. The smaller engined cars were often more adgile in the turns & baking over the heavier V8...
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    Lola GT MK6 Early Photos

    Interesting aside from the Lola, I count 7 Lotus 23s in the third pic.
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    Whar engine to choose: 302 vs Coyote

    Partly depends on how interested you are in the proper/authentic look of the engine. For me there wouldn't be any question the 302 as the originals had. Of course you could opt for a bigger small block & still have the same look. For me it just kills it to look under the hood of a beautifully...
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    CANAMSA - SA stratch build

    Wow looking great Fred. On the rear: you could do what a friend of mine did on his race car. He'd put pins in horizontally in the fire wall. So the edge of the rear section couldn't lift during high speed from air pressure under the hood. On the rear support that was also the pivot. He made it...
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    My Lotus build

    Oh it's a lovely day in the neighborhood, we have tiltage !!!!!!!!!!!!!. I reached one of those mile stone you think will never come. I cut loose the nose so it can pivot or be removed. I'd put two heim/rose joints beneath the radiator & made brackets that bolt to the underside of the nose when...
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    My Lotus build

    Thanks Fred but after these I think I'll be set for tail lights. Get on with your Lola will ya? We miss your updates. Cheers Mike
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    CANAMSA - SA stratch build

    been doing some renovations on the house if I need an excuse. That's only acceptable if it includes a bigger garage LOL We miss your updates on such a cool car. Cheers Mike