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    I’ll scan the notes and docs I have on the loom.

    I’ll scan the notes and docs I have on the loom.
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    Souther GT Loom - Dash Illumination

    Hi, I’ll send you a few pics of my loom notes in a PM Hope that will help you along. Keep building:) Morten
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    Engine hoist and stand suggestions for 302

    Another solution is a chainblock in a tree or in the rafters. Hoist engine, and roll the car underneath and drop the engine in:) otherwise a 2 ton engine hoist, fully extended lifts 400kg. kind regards Morten
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    TurnKey Minus Starting at 75,000 USD - PRE-ORDER

    Hi, I’m still awaiting an answer:)
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    What happens to our part builds in 2030 !!!!

    Or run the V8s on alcohol. Almost same price per liter of fuel already. Or have a still in the garage...
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    Gt40 seats

    Hi, RCR in the US is also worth a shot. By the time shipping from the UK and all import taxes are paid, US made might be a good option. Otherwise check ebay and this forum as seats sometimes pop up. Kind regards Morten
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    Does this look like an original car?

    SGT has all the GTD setup to build you an exhaust. Last I saw Keith had built a few sets. If that exhaust came from a car with s ZF the engine sits further forward and 25mm lower compared to a UN1.
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    Does this look like an original car?

    Easy to spot an SGT
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    What gearbox ?

    Yes, searc on the forum here. Should be a few post on thd different codes relating to gear ratios and torque. A challenge with the audi box is flywheel, clutch, gearlinkage, gearbox mounts, engine sits 50mm higher in chassis compared to the UN1, need bespoke driveshafts, 351W has taller deck...
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    What gearbox ?

    Audi 2.5 tdi, O1E. DQS
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    302/UN1 bellhousing wanted UK

    Great it worked out. I gave away a few old UN1 bellhousings a while back, but now I’ll hang onto my spare UN1 boxes :) getting hard to find now.
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    To Own A GT-40, it takes??

    And a kitchen dishwasher for cleaning engine and gearbox parts:)
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    To Own A GT-40, it takes??

    The lastest addition is’nt too bad...being topless and all. Some say devil’ish.... some say Diablo:)
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    To Own A GT-40, it takes??

    Mostly a non-understanding partner is the problem, or was it I who did’nt understand that being in my workshop all the time fiddling with my GTs that was the problem:) At least I still have my GTs to tinker with...
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    SGT Wheel Knock offs

    Hi, It does’nt change for LHD to RHD cars. The spinners tighten towards the rear on both sides. There is a post here: