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    get the air out of brakes.

    One or two bleed nipples on the caliper?
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    Mark I Gulf Livery Specs and Details

    Just do a little search on here and you’ll find alot of great detailed info on what you’re after. Here’s a beginning, very similar to Triumph’s Powder blue, marigold orange, I think stripe is royal blue approx 3/8-1/2in wide. Porsche 328 and 019 is also close in colour. Best of luck.
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    gt 40 MDA

    Hello JC & Mike, they’re not Southern GT uprights. Below are some older pics of two of my SGT40s and my ally uprights setup.
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    gt 40 MDA

    Other option: get a set of steel rear uprights from Southern GT Tel: 0044 1489 788 345 Email: [email protected] Bonne chance:)
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    Aluminium Molding

    Hi, if you didn't find the alu for "convex alu profile" or this link: Hope this help you in your quest:) Morten
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    Mating an O1E Transaxle with a 302SBF

    Yes, will almost fry the fiberglass. It will drop 1.5 in once the ZF is dropped in, now its mated to the UN1-13. Morten
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    Crazy price for a GTD!
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    Mating an O1E Transaxle with a 302SBF

    Mk1 pics 351W to UN1-13 Mk2 pics 351C to RBT ZF So you can calculate alittle then:) 351W is very tall and tight under Mk1 rear clam. Look at bulkhead window to estimate your RCR. Best of luck mate:)
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    Mating an O1E Transaxle with a 302SBF

    Ok so here it goes 351W/C Height from floor to bottom engine block/to of oil pan ZF 6.5" UN1-13 is 8" Audi O1E was 10" Measurements ZF & UN1-13 taken from my SGT40s, O1E from another make... Not sure of G50 height though:) Morten
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    Mating an O1E Transaxle with a 302SBF

    Hi Louis, I'm back in my workshop all weekend. Will measure my engine setup heights ZF vs UN1-13 vs O1E 6speed from bottom block 351W/C to floorplan on my SGTs. Then you have a rough idea of Audi box height issues. Mk2 have more height clearance, so you might be ok with Audi. Morten
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    RCR MKII Audi 01E 6-Speed Quaife LSD

    Easy to fit, only tricky part is a good gear shift mechanism and clutch operation. And it gets very expensive the flywheel, clutch, new slave cylinder and shifter mech. I have a flywheel and spigot bearing fitting W. Its for free, neutral. Will need balancing to W. I might find other bits as I’m...
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    Fabulous 917 film on GT

    Thanks, good I speak some french then:)
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    Fabulous 917 film on GT

    Thanks for the heads up! Can’t wait till I get my V12 Twin turbo 917K up and running. Might need to finish my two SGT40’s first:)
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    GT40 MKII Measurements Please

    With the sills and spider in place the rest comes by itself:) I have some old body measurements from a GTD if that helps you along... Morten
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    Which Water Pump - 1971 Ford 302

    Short nose, uprated ally, weiand or edelbrock. Also need to take into consideration it will align with the pullies:)