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    McLaren M20#73

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    Experiences with wheel bearings and retaining compound

    And if you're lucky, and the designer has been paying attention, a couple of small cut-outs on the inner part of the hub so that you can get a drift onto the back-side of the cup (outer race) to aid removal. I had read many times about running a bead of MIG onto a race, allowing it to cool and...
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    Southern GT #48

    Couple more pics. The aluminium blocks are 100mm x 42mm section, and have some length to spare, I think.
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    Southern GT #48

    A pair of front uprights have arrived in the post... But they're hidden somewhere within these two large blocks of aluminium, and I need to dig them out. That's a rear hub/bearing assembly in the picture (you can see the drive splines), so I'll be using one of these.... ....on the front...
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    GT40 seats

    Looks like an original GT40, or maybe a perfect copy like the Gelscoe cars (or other faithful, exact copies). The seats aren't seats in the conventional sense - the bases are webbing straps which are stretched between welded-in mounting strips:- The seat backs are glass-reinforced epoxy...
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    Ultrasonic cleaning

    Top man points for using it in the kitchen, too.
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    Engine mounts (Ford 302 in Tornado chassis)
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    Engine mounts (Ford 302 in Tornado chassis)

    Joachim - Is this the correct one, do you think? I need a pair, soon, and I've been puzzling over the same issue...there seems to be such a variety of "Mustang motor mounts".
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    Southern GT #48

    Top tip...thanks, Neil. Have mocked-up seat base & back with be replaced with 2mm aluminium sheet (suitably swaged for stiffness) when seat layout finalised. The seat is just sitting on the sill here... And obvs in the correct place here... With the 5/8" seat frame, a slim...
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    Southern GT #48

    There wasn't sufficient clearance between the brake and throttle pedal, and I didn't really like the look of the Mk1 pedal, so I had another crack at it... The odd dogleg near the bottom is to provide clearance for the brake bias bar. In order to finalise the position of the pedals, and...
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    FS EU LeMans Grill sets

    Hi Andy PM'd you. Regards, Eddy
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    Windshield wiper motors.

    Hi This is what I get when trying to visit their website:- I'm in UK, so I guess they are a US-only supplier.
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    Windshield wiper motors.

    The Peugeot 107 / Citroen C1 / Toyota Aygo family have a wiper motor and linkage assembly which is set up for a single wiper. I think the sweep is only around 100 degrees as standard, but lengthening / shorting the lever arms would adjust the sweep. Being a modern unit, it'll be possible to...
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    Rear caliper ID

    This is a Sierra / Scorpio style caliper on the back of my Se7en a few years ago:- It looks the same to me...?
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    AEM Pumps

    Not at all....I know exactly what you mean. Could you hide a modern fuel pump inside an old pump body?