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    Looks like ya'll are now stuck w/ me even longer

    I like Alex and to be clear he was banned twice, but after the first time he came back slightly toned down and I thought he was a great contributor who brought out some very good topics. Unfotunately, there are some thin skin whiners on the other site and he does tend to push the rules a bit...
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    TFL/Oystercards, thieving bas

    When I lived in London, my Oyster card was routinely overcharged, particularly when I would take the Jubilee line from St. John's Wood to Bond street and then the Central to Hanger Lane (Park Royale Guinness Brewery before we demolished it). Keep a close eye on the buggers and take them to...
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    Wiring...I need help. :)

    Here are the wiring instructions for Painless. IMO, they are the best in the industry and will help you answer your questions. I believe the color codes are close if not identical to the EZ harness. I know I'll sound like a complete geek, but wiring is one of the parts I look forward to...
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    Slk 55

    I don't know how similar they are, but I have a 2008 ML63 AMG and unfortunately, you can't turn it off using any of MB's many confusing panels, switches, and displays. I think a pair of cutting pliers might do it though!
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    UNC and UNF Nuts and Bolts - UK source

    www.mcmaster will ship to you and has everything. With the exchange rate, even shipping and import duties will be a deal!
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    A dilemma (NSFW)

    Re: A dilemma Nope, that's not a audi, it's an inny!
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    Run-n-Gun pics.....

    Dean, sorry to hear about your misfortune. I have to say, screw the idiot that smeared you. You will be pretty busy answering PMs and most of us want to know, when you could simply post the action here. I hope you get it sorted quickly.
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    R/C Giant Scale Fly-In,10/12,Connecticut

    AJ, what time? Mike and I will be at Ron's in the morning, but might come by. My inlaws live right across the street from the Firelight company.
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    two more out the door

    Very cool! Who is the lucky sob?
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    rcr fuel senders

    Mine are "upsidedown", but now buried. I'm not looking forward to switching them around. Do it now before it is too late!!!
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    Mark Reid RCR-40 Build

    I also didn't like the hood retaining pins sticking through the rear clip, so I came up with a different approach. I got two sets of 1968 VW hood latches. They are well made and very cheap! Just over $30 for a pair of pins and latches from Airhead Parts. I made a mounting plate out of a piece of...
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    Mark Reid RCR-40 Build

    I have not had a lot of time for the GT40 recently, but Mike and I worked on it for a couple of hours today. He was complainng that he hadn't heard it run since I fixed the idle issue. I also got a new video camera for my Birthday, so here you go: Here are a couple of pictures in the sun...
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    rear spoiler

    I have one on my car that I bought from Jay Cushman. Perfect fit on a MK1.
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    So why do we have U.S. financial crisis?

    Have no fear my friends, here it is: American Thinker Blog: 'Burning Down The House'
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    So why do we have U.S. financial crisis?

    Watch and decide for yourself: YouTube - Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis?