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  • Hi Chris, not sure if you got my last message? I need a body and converting yours to original dimensions might be my only option so can you tell me what a fairly light body will cost me? My health is poor, worse than when I called to see you a few years ago so I`m keen to find a body for my chassis. The body I have been waiting for shows little sign of movement & I`m keen to progress, thanks, Kev Farrington
    I hope it goes well for you, seems strange that bodyfiller would not stick to epoxy, this could be to do with the wax that is pushed out to the surface when some epoxies go off, melamine blush I think they call it. I know that the waxy surface can be washed off with water, maybe worth a try??
    Anyway hope all goes well for you
    Hi Chris, Thats great information and thanks for helping me. Was having a hard time getting the body filler to stick to my epoxied styrofoam but now i think i needed to rough up the surface more. I've been experimenting with joint compound because it doesnt smell so bad and is much cheaper. Problem I'm having now is its winter time and my garage is too cold to use either substance. Gonna have to get a space heater but like you work has been keeping me very busy. Look forward to seeing your progress! Thanks again for the help!

    Hi Chris,
    I was paroozing your 917 build and I must say great work! I'm in the process of doing something similar and i had a question for you. How did you build up to the final layer that was good enough to take a mold off of? I have an wooden egg crate design filled with foam inbetween the wooden formers. I now need to build the surface above the foam to the final shape. Please how did you accomplish this?


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