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    Fillmore’s RCR Mk1 GT40

    Looks good Tim. I just ordered that InnoV8 stacks for mine as well. mark
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    I used image wheels in the UK. They make 3 piece wheels so you can get any spacing you want. mark
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    Stack's Active Power GT40 Build

    The ITB setup is from InnoV8 Racing Engines out of Australia. His ITB is different from the others offered by borla and others in that it has drive by wire. I will post up several pictures of it when it arrives. It was shipped yesterday. For the roll bar option i just talked to chris and...
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    Stack's Active Power GT40 Build

    Changing plans again. Going to remove Ford intake manifold, computer and wiring and install this.
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    Fitech 30003 on a 302

    I had the fitech on my cobra and it worked great after i fixed all the bugs. First known problem is the water temp sensor provided does not read properly and will not allow you to get into self learning. Easy replacement with an auto part store replacement. I did not get the fitech to control...
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    Stack's Active Power GT40 Build

    I'll try and measure it out for you tonight mark
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    Stack's Active Power GT40 Build

    I can measure them out for you. Let me know what you need mark
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    GT 40 "Tulip" walnut shift knobs with emblem

    I got mine last week. Looks awesome stack
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    I also have an Active Power GT40. Let me know what questions you have and I 'll see if I can...

    I also have an Active Power GT40. Let me know what questions you have and I 'll see if I can help. stack
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    Which to choose from?

    There are lots of Tornado's, RCRs, and CAVs on here plus many others. I would go through each of the build pages and look at pictures of the projects then call each manufacture. Get an idea of the cost and scope of the project and ask about rules shipping into canada. From what i know you...
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    Just purchased Ardern Cars GT40

    Congrats on joining the AP club. stack
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    Russ' AP GT40 Rebuild

    what are you running for front a rear shocks and springs. Building an Active Power car as well and just curious what you are running stack
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    Phil's RCR GT40

    Very nice. I am undecided on who will paint my car. I have heard that Metal Morphous does a fantastic job. I am building mine a little different. I purchased the frame and my car will go back to Active Power soon for body fitment. Interested to see how everything lines up and may even drive...
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    Long Island NY gt40 owners

    Are you on facebook? There are a bunch of guys in the GT40 groups in the NY area. stack
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    Stack's Active Power GT40 Build

    Seats are on order. I placed my order for GT40 looking seats from price would be great if i didn't have to have them shipped from the UK. stack