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  • I have a RCR40 and I would like a formed rear clip GLASS window. I read a post where you said that Pilkington Glass can supply this window, can you send me their contact info so that I can call them (I am in the USA)?

    Thank you
    Rick Merz
    Hi Adam,
    Could you give me a list of bits you can supply and prices, for this turn key car i'm building? Things like rads etc, trying to get my organisation of the build updated so i can go to the customer for the next payment and get on with something constructive.

    Did you take a look at the new social network site? I notice you didn't sign up! My mission at the moment is to get plenty of content their and some of your posts, even if they are basically advertising your products, is interesting content. Once i have some good content for people to view i'll start pushing it hard. Not much point in asking people to join when there is nothing to see and learn. I have been busy adding lots of blogs about my builds and techniques etc.


    Hi mate,

    I've started a Social Network community for kit car builders. It has a forum, but, more importantly it has a blog and magazine section, downloads and model reviews, vendor announcements etc.

    At the moment i'm busy trying to add useful content to it, and encouraging people to write build diaries as blogs, so there is plenty of content to attract visitors.

    So i'd like to invite you to join up, and any announcements you have made you can copy over (if you do it as part of a blog it'll be shown in the online magazine and be available to browse for all to see). I'm going to start a GT40s group on there too.

    It's not supposed to replace this forum, but, provide a useful amount of common information for all kit car builders, and promote the social aspect by building a network of builders of all types of car.

    www.kit-car-builds.socialgo.com is the site link.

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