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  • Hi Nick,
    Yes, let me compile few drawings for you on the suspension.

    I've been looking at your rear suspension pictures with your top links and rear reverse A frames. Rod Ends etc. You show a picture of the Rod end on a drawing, do you have the details ?

    Thanks. Nick.
    Thanks Nick, you are also making fantastic progress!
    There has been so many discussions on the forum about brakes that your head will hurt if you decide to read them all, I know mine did. As I posted to Darrin, there will be tweaking for sure and I don't think that is unusual so for now I'll keep it this way. At the first drive I find that the brakes don't perform well I'll make changes. It's quicker and easier that trying to engineer a perfect brake system.
    Didn't forget drawings for you, been busy and need to clean them up for you.

    Hi Renato,
    That's starting to look good bud. Think I'm probably a year behind you. I have the same dilemma in relation to power assisted brakes or not, will probably go with but still not sure.

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