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    GT40 seats

    Thanks Frank, I have SGT seats as you said very like yours, and sitting in a dropped floor pan, but no "bulb" which sounds good. Nice to know I am now certified normal. :)
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    GT40 seats

    Hi Frank does the bulb in your picture of the completed seats, inflate a rubber ring or other such like attachment to help the posterior or back on long journey's?
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    SouthernGT No8

    He may be at our annual club lunch tomorrow, if so I or ( someone else ;) ) will give him a nudge.
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    FS EU LeMans Grill sets

    Me to please.
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    Who is the manufacturer of these rear vents?

    Hi Andy, Not sure if you got my mail if they fit my aperatures I would like a set please. Thanks Nick
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    Easy :)
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    Injection stack covers?

    "Great minds think alike" as my dad used to say, although he sometimes added "fools seldom differ" on the end :) , just the job I was doing today. Although my trumpets not being as big as yours, meant I had to drill holes in my balls to get them to fit, so they don't line up as nicely as yours do :(
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    Best time to visit Canada advice please

    Thanks for all the advice Scott, Thanks, that was the conclusion we came to nice to get it confirmed. I have managed to get the last 2 weeks of May off just need to get the first week in June now, but that because it will mean more than 2 shifts off requires a directors approval :( role on...
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    Cheshire SGT build

    Hi Ed, Congratulations and where are you in Cheshire, you may already know there are a few SGT's around in Cheshire and Lancashire. Nick
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    Do you Remember the Awful Jokes?

    A horse walks into a bar. The bartender asks the horse if it's an alcoholic considering all the bars he frequents, to which the horse replies "I don't think I am." POOF! The horse disappears. Of course the joke is about the philosophical proposition of Cogito ergo sum, or I think, therefore, I...
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    Thanks for all the kind words, and the video Mike, dined out a bit on that video over the years ;)
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    SouthernGT No6

    Don't worry Dan not as close as it looks and indoor fireworks. :)
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    SouthernGT No6

    Adoring if only :) Yes running a lot better but it makes me nervous :( . Going to have to get these to calm my nerves a bit Locost version of these ;)...
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    SouthernGT No6

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    SouthernGT No6