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  • Hi Rob!

    No our flight to Newark got cancelled, so I`m back in Norway :evil:
    Better luck in the summer i hope.....

    YES! That`s what I was hoping for! With the car already having a nice and what looks like a funtional roof scoop, what is more natural then let the engine breathe the cold air from outside insted of the really hot engine bay? I meen, it`s a nobrainer if you ask me :thumbsup:

    What will you do for water draining of the airbox? One slilcone hose @ each rear lower end of the airbox? And what about air filter?

    Sorry about all the rookie questions, but I can`t wait to see the continuation of your AWESOME car!

    Hi Ken,
    Did you ever make it to Virginia? And to Will's house?
    Yes the circle is where the intake will pass through the firewall, It will then turn upwards to join with the roof scoop.
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