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    That just makes too much sense- a lot better match than trying to blend colors to match, thanks

    That just makes too much sense- a lot better match than trying to blend colors to match, thanks
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    SLC Body Fitment

    Rich, sorry about trashing your post. It really got sidetracked. I hope your questions were answered.
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    SLC Body Fitment

    Cam, what is right for you isn't necessarily right for me- I am not saying that to be disrespectful in any way so please don't take it that way. Opinions are like belly buttons-we all have one. I want to control the costs and not stare at a pile of shiny new unused parts that I had to upgrade...
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    SLC Body Fitment

    Yeah, we send our fiberglass and aluminum race car bodies to Maaco because they buy so much paint they can do it for less than most based on material cost. I am well connected in the auto community here and other than the Maaco stuff there are no good deals to be had. Street rods go into a body...
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    SLC Body Fitment

    Thanks for that update Will- After a nights sleep and thinking about the "white only" I was ready to pass on an SL_C. Regardless of the color change options it was just adding more cost to something I have been trying to spec out on budget I have created. I realize any budget is just a starting...
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    SLC Body Fitment

    Kinda like Henry Ford saying you could get the Model T in" any color you want as long as it is black"- in this case any color you want as long as it is white. I was not aware the color options had gone away so thanks for the info.
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    SLC Body Fitment

    Come on Dan-give me a little hope! LOL
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    SLC Body Fitment

    Dan, at one time I owned 80 operating fiberglass molds and produced a whole line of parts. While I am well versed on the process I am drawn to the idea that this could be built using the gel-coat finish. Almost any decent paint job in the Twin Cites is on this type of project is going to run 15...
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    SLC Body Fitment

    Cam, I think I have just a tad of OCD myself- I fabricate for a living and my standards are very high.People pay me for what I do and I don't have to offer any apologies. I spoke with one owner who is having a fiberglass guy cut the a-pillars apart to create a good fit. I am not looking to...
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    SLC Body Fitment

    Howard, as a potential buyer the windshield fitment issue has cooled my enthusiasm. I figure on a car of this value and initial cost, the windshield should fit like a glove. I have heard about this multiple times so what has to be done to correct the fitment issue? Glass doesn't bend as was...
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    Homebuilt Mid-Engine Sports Racer

    Neil, you should find someone with a good chassis dyno and resolve your driveability issues without ever leaving town. It is typically money well spent and you can solve alot of problems in a short period of time-just my 2 cents worth.
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    Aluminum mesh

    A good choice would be the woven stainless steel mesh. We use this on all air inlets and it is tough stuff. Check out "Pegusus Racing" in Wisconsin.
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    Hello from Minnesota

    Hey Randy, I don't know that we ever met but I am well aware of you. My shop has done alot of work for Craig and I know your name from the old Dave Engel days. I have been straddling the fence on an SL-C build and have started collecting some pieces. How the heck do you "PM" someone here? I...
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    New graziano for sale

    I would like to talk to you about your transaxle. Mike 612-******* (cell)
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    New Graziano L140 available with all components

    More info-Mike 651-423-5800