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    Dumb lifter questions.......

    You are pretty much right in your description. Solid lifter, you adjust the nut on the rocker arm, hydraulic lifters pump up with oil and take up the lash automatically. The pros and cons: Hydraulic is what street engines use because they are maintenance free. You adjust them once when you...
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    The season starts soon.

    Alex, are you widening the rear bodywork to fit those tires?
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    MS3 Pro ECU

    I have an MS2, but the tuning software, TunerStudio, is the same. You will have a lot more features than I do with the ms3, but basic tuning should be the same. I started from ground zero with my MS2 and was able to learn everything to get it running great. I know the limitations with my MS2 and...
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    Porsche 917 Shakedown for Rennsport Reunion V I'm amazed at how soft the suspension seems.
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    FAST, Exhaust leaks, 02 Sensor, Rough Running

    Bill, I don't want to be offensive or a to be a jerk, but your tuner is wrong. The after fires still happen with no leaks on the exhaust system, even if you cut the fuel completely like what I do. I do not have a very high opinion of tuners and i have yet to meet one thats not a flake. I'm not...
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    FAST, Exhaust leaks, 02 Sensor, Rough Running

    Some things should be noted: With larger cams that run choppy at lower RPM's, you can actually get some raw fuel hitting the O2 sensor at those lower RPM's. You would think it would read rich in this situation, but it actually reads lean. This is then compounded if the computer is in 'closed...
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    high speed vibration from driveline

    Guys, I have had this issue for a long time but I think i finally found the source of of my vibration. The problem has been that around 80mph, i get some sort of vibration from the drive line of the car. In the process of trouble shooting, i have checked the runout and balance of everything and...
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    2 track days so far.

    looks like the link didn't work!
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    Fun at the track.

    Direct link to the in-car. Some pretty nice drifting at the 2:00 mark before the end.
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    Fun at the track.

    I was at the Autobahn Country Club over the weekend and put up a 1:43:01 in my 1989 3rd gen F-body. This was on NT05 street tires and I think a pretty respectable time for what the car is.
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    Brake experts, advice please.

    duplicate post
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    Brake experts, advice please.

    Its amazing how much the mustang front ends and the 3rd gen f-bodies are so similar. I am at 1800lbs in the front and could use a bit more as well. I have been trying to get a stiffer sway bar, but no one makes anything stiffer than the OE bar for these cars. I have been looking at 3 piece bars...
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    Brake experts, advice please.

    Finally was able to get my new calipers on and test it out. Brakes feel great so far, but that was on the street in the countryside. Taking it to the track next week to really give it a work out.
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    2 track days so far.

    Got any footage of your driving? gopro?
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    Matt Farah's Fox body Mustang

    Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the bolt on flares either, but I do like flares when they are molded in.