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    Camber advice please ( RCR40 ).

    It sounds like you are trying to adjust the car on jackstands. If so, I'm surprised no one has mentioned this- you set suspension with the car on the ground. Put the wheels on and set it up that way. Trying to set camber with the suspension at full droop is a waste of time- static camber (and...
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    RCR Rack n Pinion Removal?

    Yep, I assumed you had an SLC, which is what most of the traffic here is. Best to check with the factory.
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    RCR Rack n Pinion Removal?

    The rack and pinion isn't in the footwell. The pinion from the rack just pokes into the footwell, and the entire rack (and pinion) can be removed by unbolting the ends (bolts through the footwell) and a mounting bracket under (or over) the gearbox of the R&P. Then loosen the clamp that holds the...
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    Anyone have a booster pack?

    If the NoCO is putting out 11.8V, it's too discharged. It should have 13-14V if fully charged- see your manual, and I bet it says something like that. Also, agree that most of them want to see some kind of battery there before they will output. I can start my car (LS7,Ricardo) with a dead...
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    SLC Car Cover

    I have a cover from an Impala SS and it is a loose fit, but mostly covers the race tail with a high-mount wing. I've measured for a custom cover, but haven't found the time to actually send it in to get a custom cover made.
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    slc floors

    I moved the pedals as far forward as possible and gained another couple of inches by using the super short Wilwood masters. The leg length is perfect for me (inseam 35") with the back of the seat almost on the rear bulkhead. I have size 12s as well and until I moved the motor on the steering...
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    Front engine mount modification

    It's simple enough to fab up a new bracket, assuming you have a welder and basic metal-working tools. I'm guessing you could get the materials from MCMaster or Online Metals.
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    SLC Body Fitment

    White is just the default no-extra-cost option. You can still get any gelcoat color, they just cost a small amount more. Check out the website...
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    Alignment settings and more from a new owner

    There's a pretty comprehensive discussion on alignment in the SLC wiki. Here's a link. Good luck with the car!
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    Bryan's RCR40

    Nice 510. I had one in my youth that was a ton of fun.
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    Fuel pump inertia cut off switch

    I imagine the switches are designed for 12V. Given the very small current run to the Mastercell input, I wonder if it wouldn't be better to put the inertia switch on the output, not the input. If there is any resistance in the switch, it might make the input side inconsistent.
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    Column Connectors

    Mike- can you share the GM part #? Thanks!
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    Safely loading SLC onto flatbed or trailer?

    My car has been flat towed several times (is that a bad thing?? ) and here's what works best for me: 1. Use the lift kit to raise the nose up as far as possible. 2. From under the car, use a padded strap with d-rings on each end and loop it around a front control arm. 3. Run the flatbed's...
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    Barett Jackson just sold a 2011 SL-C - anyone here?

    Those pictures are all three years old, and were shot while under the original owner's care. I wonder what the car looks like now, and why they didn't take current pictures? Also, the listing says 7 miles, which we know isn't true. Wonder why it is back on the block? Here's a link to the BJ...
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    Selling immediately after building?

    For many people, it's about the build, not the drive. For others, the final product didn't match up to their vision, because of a lack of skill or resources, or taste. Some people want a race car for the street until they get one, and then realize that driving a thinly-disguised race car on...