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    Access to configuration page

    The configurator is back up, after a long rebuild caused by complete destruction from overseas hackers. But it's back with some new options, and new defenses against the same kind of destruction. Please let me know if you see bugs or problems. It's early on, and we know of some bugs we are...
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    Ken's SLC build thread

    Here's how I did mine. Foam carved to shape, later followed by a couple of layers of Kevlar/CF fabric. If you use wood to cover the entire lower part it destroys the aero designed into the splitter.
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    Access to configuration page

    The inadvertent link to the configurator is fixed now- as soon as the configurator is ready, it will be released and we can all enjoy playing with it! Until then, please be patient while we rebuild it. Thanks!
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    Mounting the Superlite emblems

    There are no center caps in the Superlite logo from the factory, just the ones in post #5 above. Those are way to big to use as center caps- they were designed to be mounted on the hood. If you want wheel center caps, you have to make them, or have someone make them for you. It wouldn't be...
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    Is this the newest car from RCR??
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    Registration in Fl.

    There are several of them in FL- Wayne M, and a couple of others come to mind. There's an empty lot next to me, though! :)
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    Ticking sound while turning right

    It sounds like there might be something loose or damaged in the rack. I'd be sure to fix that before I headed out on track again if it were my car. I'd also check to see if the bolts holding the rack to the chassis were tight, as well as the bracket under the box you showed in the picture...
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    Scandinavian SL-C build

    Those look like Cayenne door handles- are they?
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    Wanted: RCR40 Mk1 Lower Rear Control Arm (Early Design)

    The newer one looks beefier, and so might be preferable to the older design in any case. If it were my car, I'd upgrade to the newer design. Polished up, the old one would make a great wall ornament!
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    How much leather is required to do an interior

    I think my car used 2-3 hides, but don't remember the actual sq ft. Of course, hides vary, and what you end up covering with it will make a big difference. The only way to really know is to take the pieces you want to cover, measure them, and total up the area. That's just a first start though...
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    Go with stock thermostat or a cooler thermostat?

    The LT and LS engines were designed to run at higher temps than some people find comfy. Running them significantly lower than their design temp will likely decrease power and economy. I have the stock temp thermostat in my LS7, and am happy with it. If the concern is with engine compartment...
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    Check out the RCR webpage- there are plenty of build pics for the movie cars there.
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    Rcr kits adjustable seats

    My SLC has Tillett B5s on sliders (that don't sacrifice headroom). But if you are really tall, you don't need adjustable seats to fit- just put them all the way back, and angle appropriately. Seats all the way back, the extended pedal box now standard on the SLC and adjustable columns make it...
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    SL-C, GT-R or Moab

    The Moab isn't a kit- it is (or was, anyway) designed to be a turnkey. It has an LS engine by default, connected to an automatic transaxle. I'm sure you could get any LS/LT trim in any of the cars.
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    Mason’s Build: Superlite SLC

    I have a set of rollarounds for sale if you are interested. PM me for details.