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    Ford v. Ferrari trailer

    Point well taken. However, I think Matt Damon, who is driving the Mk II with HF near the end of the trailer is playing Shelby. I think Christian Bales plays Miles. Seeing a scene like that makes me wonder if a ride like that was supposed to have actually happened.
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    era2057 There are a bunch of photos at the above URL. It's listed with a dealer for $105k.
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    Jack Mogus, a Virginia member going by BlackJack, posted on 7/17/2002 that he owned ERA #2057. He gave his phone number as (703)723-7276. This site has a lot of information, if you can find it. I recently bought a used ERA #2077 and am very happy with it. Good luck and keep us posted.
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    GT40 in Peterson Museum Vault

    I know they had a Mk 3 for a long time. I wasn't aware they had a Mk 1.
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    When trying to update my ownership of ERA2077, I was erroneously listed as a Newbie.

    When trying to update my ownership of ERA2077, I was erroneously listed as a Newbie.
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    Has anybody here heard who acquired P1028? I recently saw that car listed as both available and sold on the Legendary site. I'm assuming on one page it just hadn't yet been marked sold. However, perhaps Legendary got it back. At one point Peter told me that soon after it was sold at the Mecum...
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    ERA #2028 for sale **SOLD**

    I'm home a lot caring for my elderly Mom, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem to show my car. I just can't offer a LOT of time.
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    ERA #2028 for sale **SOLD**

    ... got me thinking about it.
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    ERA for sale

    I was a little curious about the authenticity of the door handles on this car, having mostly seen the more common style. This style made sense to me from a practicality standpoint when racing, since it seems to be easier to grasp especially considering the running starts at LeMans. When I did a...
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    ERA for sale

    Believe it or not, I haven't yet opened the rear deck lid. As iconic Dick Teague of American Motors used to say, I've been "up to my ass in alligators" lately. When I do, I will look for any identifying marks and post a photo if I spot anything.
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    ERA for sale

    Most surprisingly, the car seems so far to meet up with its glowing reports, as advertised. This car has a much more vintage and finished feel to it and in many ways that are important to me reminds me of the originals. The car came to me with 00126 on the odometer and it sure seems realistic...
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    ERA for sale

    Hi Ron, Check out the web site of the dealer who sold me the car at His dealership is called Motor Classics and Competition Corp. and he's in New Bedford, NY. He keeps photos of cars he sold on there and there must be dozens of shots of this...
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    ERA for sale

    One observation so far is that having RHD with rods for shift linkage it feels like a precision bolt action rifle compared to my LHD Superformance with cable shift linkage. Driving on the right side in such a compact space does not take much getting used to. What does take some practice is...
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    ERA for sale

    The car arrived in Oak Brook this morning. Thankfully, it appears to live up to its hype. Having built a Superformance GT40 in the past, I know how temperamental these projects can be. It was a project to carefully get in those doors to carefully steer that wide tail out of the truck. When we...
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    ERA for sale

    Next stop for that ERA is Oak Brook, IL. I had an early SPF MkII. This ERA checks a lot of the boxes that I decided were desirable for my next GT40. I had even been considering that Gelscoe car that seems to be still available and thought this would probably be a better fit for my needs...