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    Roaring Forties 0052 For Sale - *SOLD*

    Re: Roaring Forties 0052 For Sale Yes, the car is sold. The gentleman should be pleased! Thanks to all who took an interest.
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    Roaring Forties 0052 For Sale - *SOLD*

    Re: Roaring Forties 0052 For Sale No trades! Too many vehicles already - the wife wants things cleared up! Sadly, the market for these things is a bit tight, hence the price. If someone wants to build one, just take mine apart and reassemble. You're still ahead of the game compared to...
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    Roaring Forties 0052 For Sale - *SOLD*

    Re: Roaring Forties 0052 For Sale Maybe this will work...
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    Roaring Forties 0052 For Sale - *SOLD*

    Re: Roaring Forties 0052 For Sale Dammit, trying to figure out how to add pictures....
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    Roaring Forties 0052 For Sale - *SOLD*

    It's been quite a while since I've been on the forum, and sad to return for this reason, but it's time for my little project to find a good home. Keeping it simple: Right-hand drive 1965 replica manufactured by Roaring Forties in Australia in 2002. Arrived in US as kit around May 2002...
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    A few questions re RF Build...SVA...

    I may be late to the game here, but I have the same pulley/damper assembly as does Peter. If you need them, the part number for the cam sensor is 1F1Z-6B288-BA. It is NOT Motorcraft DU-57 (Ford F58Z-12A112-AA). The crank sensor is 1L2Z-6C351-AA. Just for grins, the synchronizer is...
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    What happened to the one you had? You still have your cage right? I never cut my dash for a cage. By the way, how are things there in south Houston?
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    DC&O Vacuum

    Peter, thanks forthe pictures! As Ross says, the last picture you posted is exactly what mine looks like today. I'm going to have a chance over the coming weekend to dive back into it and see what I can do. Your idea of spinning the horns around to feed from the inside would also improve the...
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    DC&O Vacuum

    Thanks guys, I thought it might come down to lots of little adjusting. I would love to see a picture to compare what I have stock from RF (spring 02) to what you are running now.
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    DC&O Vacuum

    I know Ross has one, curious to know what anybody has their DC&O set at. I have all the cylinders set at 4 pounds (using a synchrometer) except that 3 and 5 are at 10. For some reason they seem to act like 'master' seetings with the others acting as slaves. I'm getting a bit of backfire on...
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    Plate location

    You go girl!
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    Seatbelt Mounts

    for what it's worth, I cut the seats, welded on a brace to use 5 point harness. Seats look unchanged after they have been put back together.
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    016 Clutch Bearing

    I ended up using the long one. The short one was too short. At first I was having problems installing the long one, but that turned out to be operator error. I still have a long clutch pedal, but perhaps I have a crummy m/c.
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    Roaring Forties #36 Joe's Completion Log

    Your plumbing puts mine to shame! Very nice. I had the same problem with my pipes, only mine came from RF. They were not pretty, so I had no problem cutting and welding to get them to fit up. Your work looks fantastic.
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    fuse panel relays

    Gracias Dan, exactly what I was looking for! I pulled the relays and jumped the circuits, fans work, so I'm scratching my head.