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    Classic Le Mans 2020.

    thank you for the clarification
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    Classic Le Mans 2020.

    Hello the GT40 is magnificent, however why call it P1000 and register it as P1000 at Le Mans Classic? I have already seen racing in France at the 10,000 laps of the Castellet organized by Peter Auto GT40 P1000, I don't know how the owner of P1000 will react when he learns that a GT40 replica...
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    Ken Miles' MKII From Ford vs. Ferrari

    by paying at Superformance you can choose your chassis number,
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    BRM wheel supplier

    Rick Muck- Mark IV GT40s Sponsor Supporter Mar 27, 2012 Add bookmark #17 They are made for Superformance by WheelCraft (WaW) in aluminum with the six-pin drive pattern, both the BRMs and the Halibrand design.
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    Benjamin bravo , tu fais un boulot extraordinaire , si tu as des questions sur la GT40 aux quelles tu as pas de réponses , si je peux t'aider comme j'en ai une , hésite pas , je te donne mon tel en MP si tu veux .....
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    Another GT in town...

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    Spf p/2000

    Oui région toulousaine ;) c'est un peu loin de chez toi
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    Spf p/2000

    Magnifique , la mienne aussi vient de chez Olthoff , il fait du super boulot , tu es de quelle région ?
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    Spf p/2000

    Bonjour je découvre que tu aurais une GT40 , tu pourrais nous la présenter ;)
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    Spf p/2000

    Castel Najac France
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    Camera cars for "Ford vs. Ferrari"

    I'm surprised to see that there are mirrors, there were none in 1966, It's not serious :(
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    Show us your GT40!

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    Spf p/2000

    it does not roll every day but a little bit on Sunday
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    Spf p/2000