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    Expansion Tank Cap (Secured)

    You have a good eye I have never noticed the small round bracket on the chassis before, the small hole on the tank upper bracket is to secure the mounting bolt. Perhaps the bracket on the chassis was for a chain to hold the cap?
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    ZF gearbox clutch lever wanted

    I just saw this one on Ebay, nothing to do with me so check before you buy.
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    Original Monocoque construction

    Yes "thread drift" can be an issue on this forum provably because most of us just tend to reply to the last entry on the thread rather than going back to the top of the thread, I know I've done it myself, or it could be the title of the thread, original monocoque construction instead of looking...
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    GT40 reference materials

    Search for gt40 blueprints on EBay
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    Original Monocoque construction

    An EBay search will return a couple guys selling them, I don’t think anyone is selling the complete set of drawings but it may get you started. Nothing to do with me but I figure the more the merrier, more cooperation between the people building them, I hope. Search for gt40 blueprints
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    Chassis VIN Plate

    This may help.
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    Stewart Warner 240A Fuel Pump Switch Renewal

    Brian I wonder if the document I just posted is the same one you have, this one has very good information or replacing the switch.
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    Stewart Warner 240A Fuel Pump Switch Renewal

    Perhaps this file will help, hard to see but good information.
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    Original P1015 Dash Switch

    I believe it is for the instruments lamps, sorry for the poor quality of the attached diagram it is from the SAE papers and it is a little hard to see.
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    Original fuel tank rollover vent valves

    Thank you for sharing the information Jimmy Mac, attached is a picture of the one used on 1075 (left hand tank)
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    Original fuel tank rollover vent valves

    Aircraft type valves as used on 1075 at least, there may be others
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    Original fuel tank rollover vent valves

    The original valve is a very simple arrangement, when the valve is upside down the two perforated disks come in contact closing the valve; The pressure of the fuel and gravity keeps the valve closed, I will probably use something more modern myself.
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    Original fuel tank rollover vent valves

    I have seen at least three different ones, original MKII, MKI and Gulf cars and perhaps more plus the aircraft type valves used on the engine compartments of some of the cars. Check with Jay Cushman I know he made some of the original stile ones in the past, I got a set from him and they were...
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    Water pump connections

    I believe that is the inlet for the heater core return hose (but I could be wrong)
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    Original FAV GT-40 shift knob drawings.

    The Porsche 917 knob definitely looks more comfortable than the one on the GT40 and I think it is better looking.