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    I always enjoyed his posts R.I.P. Keith.
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    2019 Formula 1

    If you thought Austria was good Silverstone was a cracker.
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    Bugga R.I.P. Keith.
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    DRB GT40 for sale. ***SOLD***

    Autronic, fuel mixer.
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    Charlie Whiting.

    Actually it was a Pulmonary embolism, R.I.P. Charlie.
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    DRB GT40 for sale. ***SOLD***

    Now sold to a fellow in Victoria.
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    DRB GT40 for sale. ***SOLD***

    The Price Is now $112,000 AUD. Does anyone know how to edit the ad itself.
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    Calling Old Members

    Still here don’t often post anymore.
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    2018 Formula One

    Well well Silverstone was a great race.
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    This girl apparently likes GT40s.....

    I’m over 70 and can say Nick you speak the truth.:laugh:
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    Will There Be a Paddock on the New

    :laugh: :laugh:Thanks Nick....I think.
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    Will There Be a Paddock on the New

    I would like to say a few words in defence of Jeff. We are poles apart politically but I have always found him to be a straight shooter, don’t get me wrong we have had our arguments. But at no time have I found him to be vitriolic at all.
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    Happy Birthday Dave Morton !!

    And belatedly from me.
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    2018 Formula One

    The Canadian GP was even more boring than Monaco.