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    ZF Transaxle information wanted

    I Have this photo dated December 2018.................................. it is a SCAM
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    Hello frim Sweden

    Chris is correct , SCAM, I have that photo on file, photo dated 2018 !!!! Be careful Johan , best wishes, Peter
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    Goodwood Revival - 2021

    Not this year James, hope to next year. Good to see your car progressing now. Mel and I , 2019
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    Original FAV GT-40 shift knob drawings.

    Hi All, My Morris 8 restoration was missing a door handle knob made from Ebonite. So I bought enough to make a GT40 knob too.
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    Mk 1 KONIs

    Hi Scott, Super performance use Bilseins. Thanks, Peter
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    Mk 1 KONIs

    Hi Scott, I tried Koni first, No help at all !. Yes very expensive
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    Mk 1 KONIs

    Hi Brian, Quote from Motor Sport Magazine: In 1959 Koni began its long relationship with Ferrari in F1, the 8211 competing in its first Grand Prix at Monza that year with Belgian driver Olivier Gendebien at the wheel of the Dino 246. A twin-tube design, the 8211 had a steel body heavier than...
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    Mk 1 KONIs

    Hi Andy, I am told there is a price increase at the end of the month so I'm going to "bite the bullet" Just want to confirm the sizes
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    Mk 1 KONIs

    Help Please, Anyone know the KONI part numbers for the front and rear shocks on a Mk1. They are 8211-13?? Thanks, Peter.
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    Lower from turn signal covers

    I ordered a full set last week.....
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    Original Rubber Drive Couplings (Donuts)

    To help pay for the investment in this project I am offering a few donuts for sale, £ 600 for a pair, inc postage within the UK. Will post abroad by arrangement. Thanks Peter.
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    Original Ignition amp

    Hi Paul, Thank you for the very interesting input. I am intrigued to see a photo of the "plug" and what does it cover ? If you have removed the printed circuit board you should be able to trace all the connections to to make a diagram. Reading your thoughts above maybe there is no original...
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    Original Ignition amp

    This has turned up on e bay and I think it answers my question original coil, C5FF - 12029-A
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    Original Ignition amp

    And was the original coil an Orange/ yellow top, 12 Volt ?
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    Original Ignition amp

    Hi James, No apologies required. The opening question was faceted , and I am pleased to say I have received some useful info. I have the detail for the original set up and now can explore how to graft in a modern system. It may not be possible to graft something into the original Amp box, I...