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    Fully vented spare tire cover

    Sorry back in with GT40s again and looking at the Shelby Registry on a specific SPF GT40 and it says "fully vented spare tire cover". I heard that SPF would delete the ac. What is this setup then? Thanks, Randy
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    1966 Superformance GT40 MKII p2116

    No not yet, Cobra Country or Hemming's, Ebay gets everyone talking, it worked. Randy
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    1966 Superformance GT40 MKII p2116

    Well thought I was trying to be informative. Yes Glenn I drove it a while long before I took it to Steve's.........change of plans getting Married in December and looking for weekend spots in Horseshoe Bay. I want the car setup right and now it is...I still have my CSX and KR so nothing is lost...
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    1966 Superformance GT40 MKII p2116

    Alan, you don't have are looking at ads, maybe you want one?
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    1966 Superformance GT40 MKII p2116

    Alan, you don't like my ad, thanks man.
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    How old am I?

    Corniche I presume...
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    P2264 has a new look

    How about a larger pic? I bought Avon's and thought of the stenciling too, they will make them smaller if you want, I asked. I like the look!
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    GT40 Upgrade parts and kits from Time Machines

    Any updates on the eyebrows? Randy
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    First time front clip removal

    Thanks guys for your input! I was thinking of adding the prop rod next, yeah easy to glass in the mount, have done that before on my FFR Cobra I had years ago. Olthoff has some good stuff, already bought the insulated rear panel, the billet hardware for the window and the carpet set. And...
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    First time front clip removal

    Any tricks to remove the front clip? Read the owner's manual, looks straight forward. Thanks, Randy
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    Noob questions

    Mine were only $1600 delivered, still hurts. Randy
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    24 Hours

    I like the comparison pic of the GT40 and the GT350, funny my '09 GT500 makes mine look even smaller compared to P2116, they are wide though. Randy
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    P2270 Official Weight Certificate

    Yes, Glennn I know..........just for comparison only. Two GT40's in Spicewood, Texas who would of thought. Hope you can enjoy the car some more considering you are still working in California. Randy
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    P2270 Official Weight Certificate

    Good job! My car weighed 2440 with 1/2 tank of fuel, guess you will get it registered soon if you are at this stage... Randy