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    Edumacate me on SPF-CAV-RCR?

    Charlie, I have spf gtp2124 for sale, look at gt 40's for sale on this web site. Jerry Douglas
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    spf gtp2124 for sale

    See gt 40's for sale on this web site for details. Jerry Douglas
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    spf gt40p2124 for sale in Missouri

    Delivered in December 2006 this is the only fe powered superformance gt 40 that has been delivered. This is a mk2 and the original mk2's had 427 sideoiler engines. This car has a new old stock 427 side oiler cast in 1966 that was found still in the original crate ( short block). This motor was...
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    Ron, I have some cars to sell including gt 40 how do I get to be a supporter where I can list my car's?
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    SPF MkII at Ford Meet

    Mark, Thank you for the nice pictures you took of gt40p2124. It was a pleasure to meet you and find that you make plexiglass parts for gt 40's. Still learning how to drive the GT on the track completely different than the cobra. The car has so much torque that when you throttle it in a turn it...
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    SPF ZF Gearing

    I just got back from 2 days at vir in gt40p2124 and I can tell you that the gear ratio Dennis selected is absolutely perfect for steet or track. lower gears would increase the number of times you shift on the track my car with the fe hits the 6400 rev limter in 4th gear at the end of the...
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    SPF MKII Ownership

    the center switch on 2124 is the heat control. Jerry spfgt2124
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    SPF MKII Ownership

    the center switch on 2124 is the heat control
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    SPF MKII Ownership

    I would certainly love to have a set of the switch id plates please contact me if you will sell me one. [email protected] Jerry d gt40p2124
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    Best Street / Track motor

    I have a Kieth Craft 427 side oiler in my spf and I love it and I am very happy with Kieth Craft customer service. If i was doing a mk 1 I would look at the new ford racing boss 302 just released 500 h.p. @7800. jerry mk2 gt40p2124
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    throttle cable issues

    Mike, I am sorry to hear that you don't have your car I thought it was due last month. If I haven't broke my cobra it can be broken the little 392 is indestructable and you are welcome to drive it. Jerry
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    using a Big Block vs Small Block

    John, The headers were supplied by superformance & I assume built by them. As far as originality is concerned I am not and expert however as many people who are experts have testified the rest of the car is very close to the original so I would expect the headers are also. Jerry gt40p2124
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    throttle cable issues

    Mike, Thank you very much for the explanation, at the time I was having this trouble my panterra was not at my home and I could not look at it for guidance, however it is home now and I looked at it and see exactly what you mean, however the edlebrock manifold on my side oiler has intake runners...
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    throttle cable issues

    I suppose I did not explain myself very well. When I said the carb was mounted in the traditonal manner, I was referring to a front engine car with the throttle going through the firewall and pulling the linkage. When you do this on a midengine car the carb needs to be reversed and the cable...
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    using a Big Block vs Small Block

    John, I have a sideoiler with a zf in my superformance gt 40. The zf is a new box from rbt and my engine puts out 568 h.p. and I have 1,050 miles on my car and I do not baby it, I have hammered the zf a few times and have had no problems so far. I understand the new ZF boxes are considerably...