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    C5 T-70 updates

    I think Mac McClendon in Florida carries all the original hardware.
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    Brian M's SL-C Turnkey Build Thread

    Looking good! Did you by chance see my green Lola in the shop during your visit?
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    Wanted used low profile enclosed car trailer.

    Just trying to plan ahead a bit...I had a quote on a new trailer 2 years ago and when I got the current price, it had doubled, and they are unwilling to lock in at the quoted price. They want a blank check due to the price of materials rapidly increasing:(
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    Wanted used low profile enclosed car trailer.

    Looking for a used 8 by 16 tandem axle enclosed car hauler less than 80 inches overall height.
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    FS USA Velocity Stack Filters for Dia 3 1/4-3 1/2” Stacks

    Here's what they look like installed:
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    New member with a T70

    Brian, Seems like the lack of suitable sized street tires has been a problem for quite a while - maybe at some point there will be enough of a demand to convince one of the manufacturers to start carrying the wider sizes. I had a set of AVON slicks modified by cutting a tread pattern, but if you...
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    Brian M's SL-C Turnkey Build Thread

    Your experience from the drivers seat couldn't be further apart than these two!
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    Brian M's SL-C Turnkey Build Thread

    Love to see the restomod pics! I know how you feel with the waiting, as I ordered my turnkey minus in Jan 2020 and am still waiting for Butch to finish it up. To quote a familiar Tom Petty lyric "the waiting is the hardest part"
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    New member with a T70

    Beautiful machine! Are you running AVONs on it for the street? I'm hopefully getting close to taking delivery from Fran of mine and am running Jim Inglese EFI as well. How is the driveability? From the pics, it looks like a non A/C car? Congratulations!
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    Detached Workshop Garage Design

    Joel, I put up a steel detached 30x30 10ft high at the walls with a medium pitch clear span roof 23 years ago from Heritage and am very pleased with the product. I upgraded to 150mph wind load rating and opted for full insulation as well. Managed to get it completed in 3 months of...
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    M20 Dreaming

    Might just be the angle of the pictures, but are you allowing enough clearance between the spring support post and the hanger as the spring length increases when loaded?
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    Can Hoosier Vintage T.D.S be used on the street?

    It would be wonderful if someone started making a 15" radial in the widths we need for street use - not holding my breath though:)
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    2018/2019 VIR Pics & RCR Lola build.

    Spent Saturday at VIR and this was there....
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    2018/2019 VIR Pics & RCR Lola build.

    nice video off another page
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    Got one today from someone who joined hours previously - deleted without clicking the link.