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    Tornado GT 40 Build

    Check mal die Position deiner Lamdasonde, die sollte max. Waagerecht stehen, besser leicht nach oben geneigt. Sonst macht Kondeswasser die schnell kaputt.
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    Ford v Ferrari - What really happened

    Ford v Ferrari - What really happened
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    Classic Le Mans 2020.

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    Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build

    Hi Michel, can you share the CAD file of your AvatarJag? Looks damn good!
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    Sandy's GT Forte build

    Nice work !
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    302W GT40 for sale

    Very nice build! The shifter linkage of the Gearbox is very impressive !!
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    Widebody RCR40

    Good job!
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    Hello from a german freshman

    Hallo Stefan, herzlich willkommen! Ne deutschsprachige Ecke hier wäre echt nicht schlecht :)
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    the right braking system

    Thank you Ian for the detailed answer!
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    the right braking system

    Pro / Contra servo support .. What do you think Servo yes or no....
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    the right braking system

    I think the most important factor is the diameter of the brake disc. I would like to use this rims: 427_VintageWheels No chance for brake discs larger than 295 m with these rims on the rear axle. I also tend towards the AP solution. But Mark has mentioned another point that I hear often- How...
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    the right braking system

    Hello, Paul and everybody, many thanks for the info and the pictures. In fact I forgot the C5040 brake calipers. I only tested the CP6600 and CP9441 in CAD. The CP5040 fit really well with a 295mm/11.60" brake disc in the rim. Now I have 2 options: 1. AP 4 piston brake calipers with brake disc...
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    the right braking system

    I've been drawing with Wilwood brake calipers. At AP I didn't find anything that fits. Now I used Wilwood DP6A Calipers -six piston- max. what fits in. Disc Diameter 11.00 / 279 mm Disc Width 1.1 / 28 mm So it gets pretty tight, only 1.3 mm space at the ends
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    the right braking system

    @ Lenny - what is the name of such a brake system?