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    McLaren M20#73

    Steam roller anyone !!!
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    my Lola T70 REP

    Certainly the "Master Craftsman" Chris. Awesome job you do on all your cars.
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    Yes, Shorten the hex bar and re thread as needed, being sure that at full WOT you do not over center and cause the throttles to not return. (Maybe do a dummy run on some scrap material before modifying to work out what works best) This will effectively rotate the pulley around to a more...
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    In my experience with both Borla and the Speedmaster copies of Borla 8 stack, shortening the drive links and re clocking the bell crank to a better angle will significantly help with both initial pedal pressure to open throttle progressively and also help to return to a closed position.
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    Hacking an IDA 'Weber', turning it into EFI

    Maybe something like these screw in units simplifies it. Alternatively, a small manifold inside the plenum with hose tail end injectors like this could work
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    Hacking an IDA 'Weber', turning it into EFI

    Often thought that myself. Dead head the injectors to simplify the incoming fuel (like on LS engines) Drilling for the injectors might be tricky.
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    Ignition timingtable that uses TPS not MAP

    Here you go Mick. Not for motec but off of my 347 ITB / TPS load referenced system.
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    Anyone ever used Stack Injection ITB setup?

    Peter, It almost looks like that intake can be mounted up the other way so the injection is down flow (IE injecting above and into the butterfly) my supervee kugelfischer mechanical injection is similar with injectors before butterfly (pointing in flow direction)
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    Anyone ever used Stack Injection ITB setup?

    All motors are 302 based. The Cobra photo is the speed master, the attached here is the Inglese / Borla unit
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    Anyone ever used Stack Injection ITB setup?

    I have successfully used a couple of the Speed Master systems on a couple of customers Cobras. These are a Chinese manufactured knock off of the Inglese / Borla inside mounted fuel rail systems. They work OK but quality can vary batch to batch so you have to be careful. I had an Inglese / Borla...
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    Anyone ever used Stack Injection ITB setup?

    Can't recall (Brain fade) but he was doing a lot for the GT40 and Cobra replica communities. Maybe have a look on clubcobra....
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    Anyone ever used Stack Injection ITB setup?

    A lot of people have used this unit in Australia. It is the old DC & O manufactured unit and has always been good quality. I believe EFI hardware in Melbourne do the machining and assembly on them which is great as they are a really reputable company. The US guys have used the same system...
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    Show us your GT40!

    Mine in Australia during a track day / evening
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    Not firing on all cylinders. Motec M48

    So, how is it going with the single TB setup you were reverting to?