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    Need help with Tire math

    Remember that the ROLLING diameter may be very important: this stuff can be found on maunfacturers web sites, or a large on line site such as The Tire Rack... Remember also that the width is only on the specified rim for that tire as specified by that manufacturer..and often the same width tire...
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    Waiting, waiting, waiting

    Less important than fuel fires, but.. why disable the vaccum advance? Surely vacum advance working correctly makes a more responive motor at part throttle, saves fuel and cuts air pollution? I know in years gone by locking out the advance made the spark timing more accurate, but surely we have...
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    MIRAGES !!!

    Hi all, has anybody anywhere built a quality replica Mirage, or know of where body components might lurk? I understand that many people may not see them as the definative GT40, or that there may not be much demand for such a car, but personally I think a replica Mirage would be a truly...
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    Brake Bias

    Lynn, I have a strong feeling you are heading for disaster by putting the brake bias "where the weight is". A GT40 is not even close to a full reversal of a normal car, when it is slowing down, so fitting a reversed bias will not be the way to go.... The the moment you slow the car when...
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    5.4 Ltr Boss V8 - More info please

    cHRIS, I assume that given Robert's work with the 4.6 installation, and Ford's work with emissions, that motor could be a gun thing for an emmsiions legal Astralian 400 hp RF/gt40...however the crank height and gearbox adapters would need to be ballpark.. and our local Motec cold control one...
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    Header Primary Lengths

    Hi the exhuast extractor effect is less critical than inlet tuning: it works over a wider rev range. Small differences in length will cause small differences in the range tuned revs for each cylinder, and unless you run a fully mapped EFI, the engine tune will also be slightly compromised to...
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    Racelogic traction control

    Pick me!! I am interested, please let me know the details by email if you wish! Rob
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    Cylinder head covers

    Burning oil is very bad for the fuel octane number: if you get 5% oil for example, in the mixture, the octane drops by5%. A high compression motor might ping immediately. So regulating the oil into the inlet system can be v important. Another point is that many breathers into the carb work at...
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    350 Chevy

    A Cosworth? WOW Which year/spec?? ZOOOOM
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    How long can current prices hold?????

    A mercury Cougar! Stylish! Well, almost
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    At low speeds and light throttle, backpressure is minimal..and any that exists has to do with exhaust restriction rather than the collector branches. It souknds like wrong plugs, or the engine is running way off tune: too much fuel, or very poor timing
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    Crankshaft Stud Girdles

    I would assume an identical coefficient of thermal expansion is very important, unless the whole thing is prestressed in some complex way? This would suggest that alloy would therefore not be the most suitable material? Rob
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    Hot Heads

    Is CNC porting a reliable and cost effective thing in the US? Any suggestions of who to talk to? I was thinking 5 litres to 75/8000 rpm with programmed fuel injection, for hillclimbs/racing
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    Hot Heads

    Hi all, can anybody shed some light on the design and purpose of the GT40 alloy heads, the GT40X heads, and the Victor Juniors? Rob
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    Desperate request

    Hi make sure you are running windows 98SE. This upgrade irons out many of the bugs, and makes it a favorite version of Windows for many who run old programs! Email me if you need any details Rob