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    LS3 and G50/01 into DRB

    I agree that you can't beat the exhaust note of an Italian engine, but nothing beats the induction noise of an ITB setup on a coyote. Totally understand the LS option, plenty of power, small and light weight but doesn't have that magic noise when you stand on the throttle. Imagine two BDA's 12"...
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    LS3 and G50/01 into DRB

    Spend the extra and fit a Coyote. Correct brand for a GT40 and a lot more fun to drive with an ITB setup. The induction noise will make you smile every time you drive it.
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    Whar engine to choose: 302 vs Coyote

    The Coyote is so much better than a Windsor as a day to day engine. At the same power level a coyote will require less maintenance and have much better maners. A decent inlet and exhaust system on a 2015 coyote will make 550hp.
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    All Things Coyote

    This is the original clip of the the manifold being developed as fitted to Jason's car at 8200rpm
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    National ICV & LVM Association

    Having just gone through the process in Qld, yes there are a few really pointless rules that you must comply with but overall it is not too bad. However my biggest issue with our stupid country is that once you pass in one state they are not necessarily recognized Australia wide. NSW being the...
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    ECU Options for Ford Coyote

    Jason is the first of my customers running my manifold to depart from the Motec route. The cobra being built by stangTV for Sema will run the AEM system. Beware of systems that don't control all the functionality of the engine. I wouldn't consider a system that doesn't control the exhaust cams...
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    ECU Options for Ford Coyote

    I have tuned numerous Coyotes using the Motec M150 Ecu. All engine features are supported. Depending which version you order, traction control is available.
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    Coyote Intake Manifold Reversal?

    Yes Ryan, InnoV8 is my company. Happy to help anybody that has questions about a coyote.
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    News on the new Shelby / 5.2 Flat Plane Ford V8

    For those that appreciate the modern option
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    Full CAD Model- 5.0 Coyote Engine

    Coyote studs are much longer than what you are looking for. Try ARP fasteners.
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    WTB GT40 Australia

    I'll sell my CAV for what it has cost me. It is all but finished but new addition to family and business commitments are letting it gather dust
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    Darrin's MMR BOSS based GT40

    Have a look at "Jason's Coyote Powered RCR40 Downunder".his combination makes over 500hp on a stock Aluminator, 550 with cams. Current dyno version of this engine is making 630hp 455ft/lb.
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    Ignition timing problem motec M48

    Hi Mick Give me a call and we can talk through it. Cheers Roger 0400660358
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    Ignition timing problem motec M48

    There are only two things that can screw up your timing. Reversing the wires on an inductive crank trigger or the trigger in you dizzy is in a different spot and the relationship between crank and dizzy sensor has changed enough to jump a tooth on the crank. You can move the crip number to fix...