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    Hi George Nice car and number plate, I missed out on the number plate auction as I was in Mexico when the auction ended, I set my alarm clock but forgot about the bst time change, missed out by a pound ...regards rich
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    UK-interested in a mk1 GT40

    Hi Have you found what you are looking for? I may have something of interest which represents excellent value for money. Regards Richard
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    UK- GT40 Wanted

    Hi I do have a very interesting high end 40 project Email [email protected] for more info All the best Rich
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    MDA Mk2 build - Anyone know this car?

    Hi Trev I purchased the kit from Craig some time ago, build now moving along in a forward direction as i changed a few things that Craig completed, i have started a build log which needs updating, rich MDA ( or someething like that) Cheers
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    '40 Front/Rear clip locaters

    Hi If you still have a set i will have one, email me at [email protected] Many thanks Richard
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    Richard's MDA Build

    The work like so many builds has gone a little slower than anticipated. The fabrication for the front end is now complete and finished in satin black. All the ally panels have been made at home with a pile of redundant ally mistakes now sat in the corner of my garage. All the major components...
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    Hi spec combined callipers/handbrake

    Hi all Has anyone managed to get their 40 through an IVA test with this calliper unit? Regards Rich
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    ZF Crown wheel and pinion

    Hi tried them but oh so too much money.... but i guess you have to pay for the best
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    ZF Crown wheel and pinion

    Hi all Looking for a good condition or new CW/P for a ZF 5- DS25 Many thanks Rich
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    Re: ZF Crown and Pinion??

    Hi All Whilst on the thread of a ZF. does any one have a "spare" :o) or resonably priced crown wheel and pinion? Many thanks Richard
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    MDA Mk1 with Gulf Arches - Martin P

    Hi Martin Looking at the pic with the rad in it i notice where you have fitted the front indicator lamps, having gone through an SVA, i feel with your wide rear arches they are not far enough out towards the edge of the car. All the best Rich PS body turning up in the next few weeks :)
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    Cima transaxle

    Hi Mr Gearfox I am fitting a Ford V8 302 small bock in my 40, i already have the engine so i was just checking out all the options for a transaxle. I guess i would require an interface plate or modified bell housing to suit, also not sure about the spigot bearing and what mods are required...
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    Cima transaxle

    Hi Looking for advice on this gearbox, has anyone fitted this box to a 302, what bellhosing is required etc Many thanks Richard
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    Removing a KVA dashboard question?

    Hi Geoff I am not sure but i think the windshield may have to come....out. I tried to do it myself but in the end I wired the dash in a temporary fashion by taking the seats out and working on my back, this was only done just to get the car through the SVA. I think the worst thing to do is use...