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    hello everybody, hope your all well during this damn period,i'm thinking of going/investing into a 917 build, and would like to collect a max of info before committing into something RCR will probably the start of it,all recommendations are welcome
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    Félicitations Benjamin,j'espère tu auras beaucoup de plaisir en la conduisant, tu vas l'immatriculer j'espère
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    ***SOLD***2016 RCR Superlite GTR for sale....almost finished ***SOLD***

    Hello Susan, do you have any additional pictures of the state of the build JP
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    FS USA Bundle of Snakes for SBF 289/302

    beautiful set
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    FS USA Weber 48 IDF setup for sale

    Hi JIm, asking price?
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    GTD Restore rear brakes

    thanks Mike,great help as always JP
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    GTD Restore rear brakes

    Hi all, I'm undertaking the restoration of a GTD built in the UK around 1990 which was to have had Granada/Scorpio rear brakes... the brakes mounted absolutely dont match these,so a previous owner must have replaced the lot does anyone have an idea of what these are? total diameter is 305-306mm...
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    Weber IDF's 44 or 48 ?

    Thanks Mike,can you recommend someone (shop/carb specialists) who to buy from in the UK or mainland Europe?
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    Weber IDF's 44 or 48 ?

    the car will be mainly for road use,as it is a 30year old GTD to be rebuild,so 44's than
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    Weber IDF's 44 or 48 ?

    Hello everybody, I'm actually thinking of mocking up my 302 engine and the Weber IDF's just look so fine, on the market there are 44 and 48 kits,can anyone give me advice which to choose and why? Regards JP
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    Bits and pieces

    hi Stephen,do you still have items for sale?
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    17” BRM wheels FOR SALE

    Hello Jack, do you have a picture of the wheels best regards JP
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    Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build

    awesome build Chuck ,keep going with your fantastic work,it's always a pleasure to read your thread
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    i will buy a complete new exhaust system and go from there,someone recommands any venders/constructors? thanks