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    Fire Systems...

    Can't say, but it's a raging debate if you do search the web (Like Syntetic vs. Mineral oils). Some people argue that none of them like Halon based or FE36 are as good as AFFF style in the cockpit due to dangers of asphixiation (SP?). AFFF seem to have their own issues (maintenance...
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    One for Fran

    Fran - While I have not got much work done on the car, it makes it into the press now and again - Marketplace Photo Gallery: Automobile musings from an asphalt junkie It's a story about cars, me and Adam get some free press and I toss them out a few of my cars :) Hope things are well Sandy
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    CAV GT40 on Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz's "Carcast"

    Yeah, the show is definitely not for kids, sometimes it derails sometimes it doesn't all in good fun (adult)... Thanks for posting Jack! Sandy
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    Build Diary - RCR Lola T70 Spider

    And more Cow Bell on those thin battery cables :) BTW Ron that car is F'n hot! I love the paint scheme, get a ton of in-car-cams going for the track testing! Sandy
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    Randy Did I ever reply? "Where did you get the round driving lights with built-in blinker? I...

    Randy Did I ever reply? "Where did you get the round driving lights with built-in blinker? I have a SPF Mark-I Gulf car and I want to make the 1075 conversion. If you want, you can call me on my cell at 818.472.2429. I'm in Calabasas."
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    RCR #010 Build Progress

    Just caught this thread. I think it can be best summed up by No Comment. Would be great to see how the car works out for the new owner! Sandy
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    Workshop warning

    Does the brake cleaner need to contain Cholorinated Stuff, most of the cans on my self have only the good old petrolum distillates listed, but not sure if that is the bad stuff mentioned (cholorinated or not). Also I think the wikipedia has more information on mustard gas as well as phosgene...
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    RCR-40 Now Up on the CarCast

    Russ - Working on everything except the gt40 :sad: But that has to change it's time to get back on that project! Sandy
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    RCR-40 Now Up on the CarCast

    Well, sorta' a plug but never the less My friend Adam Carolla has a new CarCast (a podcast) but since I'm helping out I gut to put my s*it on the site too! The Site over 50k hits on the site on Saturday! And number one downloaded Podcast from iTunes. I guess people like comedy and cars...
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    GT40 Makes it to Podcast Logo

    Well not exactly breaking news but here is the current logo for Adam Carolla's new 'CarCast' starting up this Saturday Sandy
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    Fuel Guage Sender

    The fuel safe one is made by Centroid and they are about $80 USD in any length and resistance range. I have them on several cars. They work by capacitance not resistance, but the magic electronics of the sender make it all right for what the gauge sees. You do have to run power to the sender...
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    Carb overflow

    I had a bad seat in a carb fill the engine with gasoline, pan and all. was parked down hill and I drained the gas-oil but didn't do a good enough job, later spun a rod bearing. It does get into the oil, so make sure you get as much as the fuel out and change the oil a couple of times as it might...
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    What kind of music would a GT 40 make?

    If most definitely would be 'Frankenstein' by Edgar Winters band ;). Or possibly some twangin' rock'a billy. Sandy
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    Electric water pumps - Discussion

    I think we had an OLD OLD thread on this. Might have been related to water flow and things like that too. (Might have been a discussion about the RaceMate Pumps) While snooping at the Aston Martin Pit it seems they run an electric pump on the V12's that won at Lemans a couple of years back. I...
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    Enco 15% Discount

    Enco - Guaranteed Lowest Prices on Machinery, Tools and Shop Supplies I had to get a few things, 15% and lots of specials, helps. Sandy