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    Fitted Car Covers

    I use a Classic Additions 'Super soft Stretch Indoor cover' - really pleased with it. Shows the lines well when covered (std small is required) Regards. Andy
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    Southern GT #48

    Hi Eddy, the lack of fore/aft rigidity was eventually resolved by welded some thick wall box section across the back Regards, Andy
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    Southern GT #48

    Hi Eddy, Really like what you’ve done with your bead-roller. I bought a similar one for the panelling on another ’40 I’m building. There’s various clips on You-tube how to use & improve these rollers, but I found by modifying it to use a 3/8” ratchet instead of the drive handle, I found a lot...
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    Trinary Wiring

    Hi Shaun, maybe you need to leave it running a bit longer, as the ambient temperature is still low and the system is not working that hard. Trying to bridge the switch to prove the circuit is OK , would be a good test, so would trying another switch Andy
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    Trinary Wiring

    glad you got there in the end Andy
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    Trinary Wiring

    Hi Shaun, when I did my wiring, this was the hardest part to figure out. However once you fully understand how the trinary switch operates, it becomes a lot clearer. The following I eventually found in a Lotus service manual and expalins why you have delayed reactions The Trinary switch serves...
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    Exhaust End Baffle Removal Question

    Hi Chris, firstly I would check that they are actually baffled. That design of silencer is normally straight-through, with a perforated pipe and exhaust wadding wrapped around it. This type takes out the high frequency harmonics without restricting performance. Replacing with a straight through...
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    IVA Fog Light Requirement

    Hi Shaun, sorry bit late to this, but you can easily wire in a momentary switch for fog light - see attached. I'd had mine wired from the side light feed, which for a 2014 IVA was OK. The key point they are looking for is to ensure that the fog light doesn't stay on when the main lights are...
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    This affects us all!

    I wasn’t aware the couple in Sweden were also manufacturing C-types, as it puts a different perspective on matters. JLR have also gone after and successfully seen the demise of Suffolk SportCars , who manufactured replica Jaguar SS100 & C-type replicas. What they are trying to stop is anyone...
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    Southern GT Chassis #54 Build - The What Have I Done Chronicles!!

    Well done Shaun, always a major achievement for first engine start :cool: Andy
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    Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build

    Excellent purchase, you definitely won't regret it I already had a lathe when I built my '40 and I Know I couldn't have done it without it and now I've a milling machine, I do so much more myself, that I would previously shipped out Keep up the great work Regards, Andy
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    Hi Brian, what sort of forging are you after. Something simple, that could be manufactured in a traditional blacksmith's forge, or something, with tight tolerances and a complex shape? Andy
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    cooper piston rings

    Hi, Wills rings aren't copper, they are steel. I've never heard of copper being used in conjunction with piston rings. However it used to be common practice to cut the head or block to take a copper wire. This would then be used to increase the clamping force on the sealing edge of the head...
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    Electric water pump and digital controller question

    In my applications I delete the original pump completely. Why have 2 pumps, when a single correctly specified pump is a better solution Regards, Andy
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    Electric water pump and digital controller question

    Hi, I’ve used the EWP150 pump on my ’40 for the last 10,000 miles with no major issues. I did originally use the EWP130, which had the plastic body and had an early failure, but the replacement has coped without issues on to multiple trips to Spa & LeMans (35+ degC and sitting in heavy traffic)...