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    Headlight Cover Sealing/Mods?

    Hi, paint the black border onto the covers yourself with acrylic paint and then add a sealing strip below the border. There's a bit more detail in my build log - see attached link Regards, Andy
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    Plug and play loom for 302 EFI

    Hi Chris, There’re no real issues running batch fired injectors, unless you’re trying to meet the ultra-tight emissions regulations. The only way you’d tell the difference is on an emissions drive cycle, and this would be after many hours on an engine calibrating the base spark & fuelling With...
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    Plug and play loom for 302 EFI

    Hi Jack, I’ve built engines for ‘40s with ECU’s from Emerald and SCS-Delta. Both companies can provide an engine loom with a pre-terminated ECU plug. These are then cut to length to the relevant components. I then add a multi-pin bulkhead connector (ITT Cannon), which makes installation and...
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    Plug and play loom for 302 EFI

    Hi Jack, I wouldn’t get too hung expensive & complicated ECU’s If you’ve got a cross-over exhaust system, a twin oxygen sensor will struggle to function correctly as it’s taking information from both banks and won’t be able to discriminate which cylinder to change the fuelling on. A single wide...
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    Southern GT #48

    Somebody's been very busy with file, or did you mill it? Nice work though Regards Andy
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    Plug and play loom for 302 EFI

    I recently converted Neil Johnson's Southern GT fitted with a 347 engine to an Emerald ECU, with electronic throttle control, so they will have got a good base map. It already had 8-Stack throttles, but we ditched the distributor fitted coil packs. PM if you want more details Regards, Andy
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    Norfolk Tornado

    Hi Andrew, many thanks, it did come out rather well. I aiming to be at the Stoneleigh show this year and happy to show you around it Front cover attached for those that missed it Regards, Andy
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    MDA GT40 Rebuild.

    Some pretty neat panel work going on there Jack. Very impressive Regards, Andy
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    FS EU LeMans Grill sets

    Hi all, Firstly, many thanks to all of you who placed orders and I’m glad to hear you’re happy with them I’m waiting for a couple of people to confirm their orders, but it looks like I’ve got a couple of sets remaining. Prices including shipping is as follows: UK - £86 USA - £96 Europe - £91...
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    FS: Original 24 hours of LeMans Ford GT 40 Keychain

    Wow.... 400 Euros for a key chain No wonder it didn't sell 6 years a ago........
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    Tornado on CKC magazine cover

    That's a seriously cool looking car :cool: :cool: Just like my avatar... Now off shopping to get a copy Andy
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    MDA GT40 Rebuild.

    Hi Jack, Not generally into bikes, but that thing is the muts nuts...... Regards, Andy
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    MDA GT40 Rebuild.

    Hi Jack,, regarding your request for a more precise gearshift on a UN-1, the following is what I did on mine and works well Regards, Andy Andy
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    MDA GT40 Rebuild.

    Hi Jack, the attached can be used to provide the more correct bulkhead window. As your post-IVA you don't need to worry about getting E-marked materials Regards, Andy
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    MDA GT40 Rebuild.

    Hi Jack, Sensor in proposed position will be fine, Mine’s in exactly the same position and has now done 10,000 miles and still works fine. The heater element in the sensor are sensitive to moisture, so the installation needs to prevent condensation building up in the unit. Also regarding the...