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    Fling SLC Build Thread

    I can't see the pics either.
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    RCR Visit

    Can someone share some details on the twin turbo car? And congrats Del, sharp SLC!
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    SLC 001 Build

    Thanks for the info. And pretty good price for the full circuit lithium battery!
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    SLC 001 Build

    I need to do something here myself. I'm not a big fan of the A post covers, they are bulky and I like being able to handle the bar getting in and out. Did you make a mold for those two insert pieces? How pricey was this solution, $800-$900? I know some of these lithium batteries can get...
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    Design An Emblem?

    It's been a few weeks, anything Fran???
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    Helper Springs

    Terry, If I understand your questions correctly: The static ride height is raised roughly 0.7" (compressed thickness of the helper spring), that is until the ride height is adjusted back down to adjust for the added height/thickness of the compressed spring. Since after the first 25 lbs of...
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    Helper Springs

    Great, thanks for the info on the springs Paul! I too would love to see pics of the reel setup.
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    Helper Springs

    Paul, if you could post the part number, we would appreciate it!
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    Superlite Aero

    I too am kind of surprised we haven't seen any of these in the wild yet.
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    Mark's GT-R Build

    The guys did a nice job on your exhaust!
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    SLC 1/2 Mile Event

    Any 1/2 mile SL-C or RCR updates for the 2017 season???
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    Forced induction SL-C's

    I know the 2500lb SL-C is pretty quick with just a basic LS crate engine (which seems to be the most popular power plant), but owning and being around much more powerful cars, I have been thinking about adding a little more spunk to my LS3/525 at some point in the future. Besides, I hate the...
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    Gearz wraps up the Superlite SL-C story this weekend!

    I seem to recall him saying the owner took the turbos off after the car left the show. Stacy was a little vague about the entire thing. I kinda wondered if there was a lot more to the story. After talking to Stacy for about 30-45 min, I quickly realized he's exactly the same person he is on...
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    Gearz wraps up the Superlite SL-C story this weekend!

    I had lunch with Stacy at SEMA last year (Nov 2015). He said the car was finished and they took the twin turbos off the car. He claimed the owner thought it didn't need all the power. I look forward to catching this on You Tube.