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    MK1 vs Mk2 body kits

    Been pestering Andy for years to offer a Gulf rear clip with a MK3 front clip. I know the front clip is longer but it could be done. Perhaps just the MK3 headlight “buckets” grafted to a standard MK1 front clip.
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    Fittings for 600 -4 hose to 1/4" hard tube?

    Weld a dash 4 fitting to the existing pipe.
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    Questions on Purchase of Tornado GT40 kit

    Anthony, my email is [email protected] Regards, Scott
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    Tornado Sports Cars 35th Anniversary

    Congrats Andy! The years do go by fast eh? I wish you still offered the M6GT. Cheers!
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    McLaren M6GT exhaust

    Thanks for the link!
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    Quickest build?

    TS40 875 went from crates to plates in 6 months.
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    Homebuilt Mid-Engine Sports Racer

    After 36 years in aircraft maintenance the bottom drawer of my box is loaded with bits for specialty fasteners like those! Keep up the good work.
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    Homebuilt Mid-Engine Sports Racer Probably an old twin like a Travel Air, Apache or C310? I’d keep it since it’s “rebuildable” Two are available via the link. So Neil, I spy lots of aircraft specific (genuine) hardware / parts on your build, are you in aviation? BTW, love the tri...
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    Source For Engine Turning...

    Do it yourself. This is what we use in aviation...
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    Homebuilt Mid-Engine Sports Racer

    Neil, That “plug” you modified looks to be a aircraft APU oil sump drain plug/chip collector. Except the ones I’ve dealt with are aluminum alloy. Scott
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    Set of original “Wine Glass” style Halibrand GT40 wheels for sale.

    Thanks Rick, but for the car I’m building now Id like to use bolt on wheels...
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    Set of original “Wine Glass” style Halibrand GT40 wheels for sale.

    PSE’s telephone number is no longer valid. The wheels the OP (DG) posted for sale are rare. Too bad no one seems to manufacture cast alloy wine glass, 5 lug wheels stateside.
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    Tornado Carbon Fiber Chassis Build

    Almost complete & outside in daylight, at ride height for the first time. The sponson covers, roll bar and access panels are next. Mores pictures as the work continues.
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    Tornado TS40 #875

    My CF tub outside at ride height. Roll bar and sponson covers are next.