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    3D Printed Hartwell Latch Parts

    FYI, the Dassault Falcon “50” radome latch is close match as well. Probably a bit more expensive though as the aircraft are still in service.
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    Tornado TS40 'evolution'

    Nice work sheet metal work Andrew! May I suggest that you install a few AN321 or similar “Aerodynamic drain grommets “, on the aft section of the floor pan aft of the radiator? These will allow water to drain in that area now that it is closed up...
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    Covid19 vaccine- report your progress

    I was wondering when this would come up in this thread. MERCK Co. is currently in phase 3 trials of what appears to be a successful antiviral for Sars CoV-2. If/when it gets approved (from what I’ve read it’s looking good), it’ll be a game changer considering the vaccines are less than a year old.
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    Water proof GT40?

    I glued AN231-4 seaplane grommets wherever I had a water drain hole.
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    Hi All, I recently purchased a rcr gt40 mk1 from the Gosford Museum

    Bill gave me lots of sage advice back in the day
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    Pre 75 Ford 302 block

    Crazy, 289/302 blocks are in almost every breaker and on Craigslist, this side of the pond
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    A delayed Hello to all !!

    That’s starting to happen here as well Nick. Hopefully “hard coal” (Anthracite), will be around for many more years. I can’t imagine heating without it! Post up some pics of the locomotives
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    Adventure RV

    Might sound crazy, but why not bolt an existing trailer camper of adequate size onto the back? I Have seen several pontoon boats with smaller campers bolted to the deck and they have come out really nice.
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    A delayed Hello to all !!

    Welcome to the forum Nick! What fuel fires the boilers on the locomotives you work on? I ask because I collect antique Anthracite fired heating and cook stoves.
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    Adventure RV

    That’s pretty cool, perfect for the western US wide open spaces. Tow a 2003-2006 TJ Rubi behind it, or even better, a Suzuki Samurai, so you can really bushwack!
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    tappet sound and oil top of piston

    Yes absolutely Ian. Hopefully the engine just needs a new set of valve guide seals due to dry rot. have seen valve stems corrode as well when an engine is not pickled going into long period storage or just not being used.
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    tappet sound and oil top of piston

    It’s been my experience that intake guides and stem seals tend to leak under high vacuum conditions such as decelerating with the throttle closed.
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    UN1 rod change query

    Carbon Fiber tubing with bonded alloy threaded inserts.
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    My kind of girl

    Better yet...