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    Help me with my bits.....

    Hi Cliff - I would try contacting Kennedy Engineering Products directly. They have a web site with a lot of info about their products and contact links. No doubt they will be very helpful. I am in a similar situation and needing various fasteners for my adaptor and planning to contact them in...
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    Windshield dimensions

    Hello Steve - Just a thought here from a fellow Kellison, or more accurately Kellison predecessor Universal Plastics Sebring GT, owner: have member Bill Hough cast up a windshield area section from his GT 40 spider mold and then graft in onto your spider section. Seems like an inexpensive way to...
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    Corvette Suspension on a GT40?

    I am building a scratch tube GT40 chassis and have a Corvette C4 front end and a C5 rear end set up From which I would like to use some or all of the components. I am sure that this subject has probably been discussed at length somewhere, but I have searched the forum and can't seem to find much...
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    Help - GT40 Space Frame Drawings and Plans

    This sounds like a very good idea Dave S. I have been engaged in a scratch built GT-40 for too many years already and I am still stuck with how to make such items as suspension parts and all the little things like door handles, etc. A separate category along with sub categories with individual...
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    how old were you when you got your first GT40?

    21. But it was a replica...I will have to wait a little longer for the real one. Orin Meyer
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    porsche 924 tranny to audi 016 tranny case?

    Most likely you will be able tofind a used Audi 016 in a local junkyard for less money. Happy hunting. Best regards, Orin Meyer
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    porsche 924 tranny to audi 016 tranny case?

    This sounds like a new slant on the old (previously discussed) question of whether a set of 944 gears will fit into an Audi 016 transaxle. The reason for doing this is to obtain a better ratio set than the available 016 options, with possibly stronger gears in the bargain. I think that the...
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    Digging out

    Hey Steve - I wish I were there with you to help break out the fresh powder! I know that you must be a skier or you wouldn't have chosen to live there. Can't wait to try out my new skis. BTW Did you ever get any satisfaction on your stolen GT40? Hope so. Best regards, Orin Meyer
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    Audi transaxle numbers

    Hi Charlie - Suggest that when you go to the boneyard to look for a transaxle you take a printout of the 016 ratio codes linked in the earlier post as well as a piece of scotchbrite as it will come in handy for cleaning up the ratio code so that you can read it. The ratio code is located at the...
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    GT40 kit for $17,500 in the USA

    Fran - Congratulations on another excellent kit! This is great news for anyone in the market for a GT40 and Bill Hough's work is top notch. Good luck with all of your endeavors. Best regards, Orin Meyer
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    56mm hole - how much horsepower?

    Seems to me I remember back in the days when Bill Elliott was cleaning everyone's clock with his Ford NASCAR put in the restrictor plate rule so that the GM cars would have a better shot at avoiding being lapped by him. Eventually they used the restrictor plate for other purposes, but I think it...
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    I can't get it to work either. Any suggestions? Thanks. Orin Meyer
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    Stolen car

    Steve - I am sincerely sorry to hear of your loss and hope that you are able to recover that car. Here is something which may be of use to you and other victims of car theft. Hemmings Motor News offers a free listing in their stolen cars section. Below is a copy of their offer: "STOLEN CAR...
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    Nasty Engine

    Do you know the manufacturer, what engine the block is based on, and what the bore and stroke numbers are? Thanks.
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    OK - what car is this?

    I haven't a clue but it looks like a wire wheel car???