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    GTD Out From Winter Slumbar

    Latest development is the change to 15inch wheels shod with new set of Avon’s. Looks so much better in my opinion.
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    Image 17 inch Gulf wheels

    Along with pictures this time. Send me message if interested.
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    Image 17 inch Gulf wheels

    Hi all, For sale are the 17 inch BRM wheels in Gulf colours. Fronts are 8inch and the rears 10inch. The rears have Bridgestone S01 285/40/17 which are like new, and the fronts have Kumho 235/45/17 also like new. Generally in very good condition with no scruffs to the polished rims. The orange...
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    GTD Out From Winter Slumbar

    After nearly 6 months of my GTD being on axle stands and in various bits over the winter, It finally reemerged out of the garage today. Hasn’t always led a pampered life by some of its previous owners but I’m making some way in correcting that now. Winter jobs completed : - Cooling system...
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    GTD Front Control Arms - Which bushes ?

    Thanks to advice and help from both Andy at Tornado and Frank on his trick with the steering control arms, I now have a front suspension that is starting to come together. I really appreciate all the help I get on this forum I’ve now got the new Pro Alloy radiator in, replaced all the water...
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    Thermostat Housing Question

    I’m in the middle of replacing all the water pipes on my GTD while I’m putting a new radiator in, and found my thermostat housing in a right state and needs replacing. Looking online I’m having trouble finding one similar to one fitted. Mine has a small bore connection off the top which goes to...
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    GTD Tie Rod End Problem

    I'm embarrassed having to ask such a basic question on here but I'm stuck on how to tighten up a pair of front new tie rod ends on my GTD. When I’m tightening up the nut the spindle is spinning within the tie rod so I can’t tighten it. Looks like there should be some sort of tool inserted...
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    GTD Front Control Arms - Which bushes ?

    Just had the front control arms power coated on my GTD and I’m looking for advice on which bushes to use. Any advice much appreciated
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    FS EU LeMans Grill sets

    +1 still please Andy
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    Winged Dzus Fasteners

    Andy I'll be interested in a set of these when they are available.
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    UK Based Car Trimmer

    Shaun, Just had the interior on mine done by these guys He’s a proper old school trimmer and did a great job on mine
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    GTD Headlight Adjust

    Morning folks, Could someone tell me how I adjust the headlight level on my GTD please? They are currently pointing too high and I can’t see any obvious way to adjust them lower. Cheers.