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    Wiper Motor Blows Fuse When Park Connected

    Shaun, Can you describe the grounding issue, please? I may need that kind of help on another project.
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    Ford vs. Ferrari--New Official Trailer

    Ian, It's interesting. That same Ford "attitude" cuts both ways, doesn't it? The pompous, no BS, vengeful Ford that vows to crush Ferrari at their own game now wants to be seen as - I don't know - above board and classy in all things racing? To be clear, I love Fords and my immediate family...
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    Good news, Rick. Thanks for doing this.
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    0-2920-0 MPH in 400 seconds

    I didn't go up. I was using the royal "we". :) I trained those guys and gals for many years.
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    0-2920-0 MPH in 400 seconds

    We often had to hit a very specific velocity at Main Engine Cut Off (MECO). They were in the range of 25,950 fps - almost 5 mi/sec. And we hit them routinely, within a few fps. A couple of hundred fps over and you weren't in the correct orbit (overspeed). A couple of hundred under - you were...
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    0-2920-0 MPH in 400 seconds

    First stage was really rough in the cockpit. Lots of vibration and shaking - crew was more or less along for the ride. Second stage was very smooth. During the last couple of minutes of powered flight, the acceleration was incredible. Had to throttle down the three engines not to exceed 3-Gs on...
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    Gearbox speedo drive

    Hello, Simon. I can't help with the gearbox drive, but can recommend the GPS speedo from Speedhut. Works like a charm:
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    Inlet manifold gaskets

    Shaun, I am firmly in the "no cork gaskets in front or rear" camp. I use the Right Stuff from Permatex. It's very easy to use and seals nicely. If any spills/spooges out during installation, just wait for it to dry and trim with a razor blade. Right Stuff advertises you can install parts and put...
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    Superformance Texas Title?

    Exactly right, Kirby. Mine has the word "Replica" in the title.
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    I'm with you, Larry. Racing at that level should be about innovation, not equality of outcomes. How did we go from "Hey, that new thingamajig is cool!" to "Hey, that new thingamajig needs to be outlawed!"?
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    Rear Wheel Bearing adjustment

    Thanks for this info! P2334 will need this sooner or later.
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    Headlight Options

    Howard, No adapter needed. They went straight in. I did not do the rear lights. Tim
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    Headlight Options

    Howard, About a year ago, I replaced the incandescent bulbs with these LEDs. The removal and replacement was easy and they are very bright. Amazon says they are currently unavailable, but MICTUNING makes other LEDs...
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    Passenger Ride wanted for a lifelong fan...

    Had a similar situation recently. A good friend and former coworker brought his Father over to look at the cars. When it came time for them to leave, I offered to drive his Father back to his house and my friend to follow us. It was a great opportunity to give an older gearhead a nice ride. When...