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    slc sway bars

    Thanks for the picture Scott. my intent is to mount it further away [forward from the foot box] so I can get a better angle to the control arm. We have always used speedways arms and bars and the rating of the bars is pretty simple with twist of the bar to length of the arm from the axis in...
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    slc sway bars

    Howard it seems you have put a lot of time with yours on the track, are you suspension alignment specs in your build log? I followed it but don't remember. I remember you talking about increasing your spring rates due to compression at higher speeds but don't remember if you scaled the car or...
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    slc sway bars

    Thanks for your responses, I am on the right track [no pun intended] I will be using speedway engineering bars like I normally do and will start on the soft side for fine tuning. Thanks Howard for the information, I had come up with those points for mounting not a lot of room on the back, the...
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    slc sway bars

    I am finally able to work on our slc again with hopes of finishing it up. I have Frans stock sway bars which I will not use, I will make them available if someone wants to use them at a fire sale price. we use speedway engineering bars which give us great ability to fine tune the chassis, my...
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    Ford GT40 Mk1 technical data

    Ryan it is, as well as the Holman Moody entry. Both are owned by millermotorsports [larry millers family]. The museum is packed!
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    Gt40 seat

    Will, Bill Hough in mass. has the fiberglass shells Im sure he would sell you one and it would be easy to modify if necessary
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    Kids gt40 cart body

    I have one as well! I will have to check the number of my car The Shelby American collection has one. I checked the numbers, and mine as well as the one at the museum were both In the low 100's. I also have one of the later made ones that were not as accurate made by shell valley in the 90's I...
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    Plumbing brake and clutch for RCR Mark I

    Peter are you looking for the foot-box area? engine compartment, or whole thing?
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    Rt Drive Dash

    Bill Hough in mass. can make you one
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    Camber advice please ( RCR40 ).

    I am not sure I agree Neil we have certainly made parts with the Bridgeport mill and also used the lathe for threading of pieces as well as using taps and dies to cut when needed and I don't recall any failures yet...
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    Camber advice please ( RCR40 ).

    As long as I am close to zero degrees I have had no problems
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    Camber advice please ( RCR40 ).

    I have cut more threads on the chevy tie rod / upper ball joint to allow it to seat completely in the upper control arm this will give you more depth, I have seen quite a difference depending on manufacture on the threads. The set up goes negative camber very quickly from that level set up with...
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    Fire Extinguisher Plumbed Into Cockpit

    I am not sure that Halon is illegal to use or have, I don't think so as we still use it in the fire service. Halatron is its basic replacement but imo it does not work as well, I would be careful in an enclosed cockpit as its method of extinguishment is to remove the oxygen from the fire. The...
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    RCR Fuel Pickup Help

    Sean we ran ours straight up and threw a rubber grommet in the pontoon and then to the firewall. Im not sure what direction you were headed with your routing, I have done three this way I run a pump for each tank to a manifold and use check valves allowing the use of either tank with out x...
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    SL-C Nose Hinge Group Buy

    pm sent