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  • gear box is in one piece and I finally have the engine back. I am planning to get the whole thing together by friday and ready to race. I have heard the number of GT40s attending the KIC is dissappointing.
    they are both nice kits.
    Suspect the revell is the old 1/25 scale kit, so maybe better a Fujimi model (also if curbside..so all closed).
    For sure the nicest upcoming mk2 will be new trumpeter 1/12 car..but surely different rpices for it.
    The mk2 from fujimi is probably the nicest moulding they have from gt40 saga, also the correct mk2b nose is done.

    Made several of theme...loved theme all, but probably its just me loving so much the gt40 itself:)

    RA should be a good show although the last time I did a GT40 event was at the Glen and 3 cars showed up. I blew up the gearbox at last year Can Am so I hope I get it back by then.
    Not sure what you mean by multiple bodies. There are no mutiples of the MK4. It is a built up car. The suspension , wheels, etc are original stuff. We had the original blue prints from HM, Ford, Brunswick Kar Kraft etc. The honeycomb was made by Hexcel and the other sheet metal we had hammered out. It's the only MK4 ever built by someone other than Ford.
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