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    SLC rear cross brace

    Any idea what year it is? Looks like an older version of the upper arms. I always wondered how many of these are sitting out there unfinished. I bought mine unfinished, never touched, originally a 2015.
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    Stephan's SLC Build Log

    Have you sat in the car with the door cards on? I really don’t know how anyone drives with them, it’s tight as is.
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    Intermittent stalling

    Not sure if you’re track riding, but this is a big reason I didn’t do a swirl tank. Creates unnecessary head aches. One pump, one filter, one regulator and done.
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    AP mk1 twin turbo

    Where does the 4” go? More leg room? More cockpit room?
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    Joe’s AP MK1 Gt40 build

    The one with the cap is probably just the bleeder. Open it slightly to get the air out.
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    Black Carpet Recommendations

    I used stuff from here. It’s basically a flexible durable carpet, called ozite. What I really wanted to get a hold of is whatever BMW uses, their carpet is really nice and cleans well...
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    RCR fuel level sending unit specs

    Just use a KUS sender and be done with it. One measurement, 2 wires...
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    WTB SLC rear vents, fender vents, clam glass?

    Anyone have these parts laying around they don’t want? Fender vents Rear clam polycarbonate Rear clam vents
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    Steering rack boot?

    Anyone have an idea where to source? There are lots of them on summit, but no measurements listed .
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    Geoff's Build Thread

    It could even be the duct I designed for under the dash. I’m not an engineer. I did the same holes you did and then created a custom duct that encompasses all the holes and then goes into each 2.5in flex duct for the vents. Truth be told the restriction could be there. It even could be that the...
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    Porsche 996 or 997?

    I believe the 996 is the G96 transaxle. If that’s correct, I’m not a fan. I have it in my SLC. Notorious for 2nd gear pop outs, hard to get into 2nd and first at times. Cruising RPM at 70 is averaging 2500 rpm with an LS. Good news is they are super cheap, parts aren’t terrible and most people...
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    Geoff's Build Thread

    Hey just a word of advice I wish I had known. Now that my car is nearly fully put together and AC working. I get a ton of cold air that back flows from the evaporator unit onto my girls feet. I suspect I didn’t make big enough holes in the aluminum chassis and plastic housing. I made holes just...
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    Front tire poke at zero toe and zero camber

    275/30/19 325/30/19