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    Strongest transaxles

    are you running drag slicks? If not, the tires will light up way before you reach full throttle in first and second gear, probably also third. Talk to CMS and BMC&G about doing a Porsche G50-50 or G96-96/97, probably a $15-17K box (though I haven't checked that).
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    The curse of ethanol - Part deux.

    I already bit the bullet and replaced all my fuel lines with teflon. But this is a good program you've put together for any older car where you are unsure about exposure to ethanol.
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    Too Much Power

    I was once in a shop that fired up a Panoz LM car, a 600-650 horsepower car with basically open headers off a Ford pushrod V8. It was DEAFENING. Idle was barely tolerable from 40 feet away, revving it was excruciating. As a wild ass guess, I'd say it was 140-150 dB in that dyno room. Also went...
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    Too Much Power

    open headers...can you imagine the dB in that room?
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    What is the approx cost of a new ZF transaxle?

    Not really surprising, given the general shortage of cars, along with the hype around this particular model. Being first costs big $ unless you have a bullet proof relationship with a dealer. Being patient will pay big dividends.
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    New FL guy with GTs, interested in GT40s

    You should be looking for a Superlite GTR! Perfect complement to what you already own.
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    OAP Heater bypass valve not working?

    test positive voltage at servo lead test continuity of servo test ground lead
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    Good source for carbon fiber / epoxy supplies?

    second the experience with US Composites - have bought poly, epoxy and fiber from them, never had a problem.
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    Homebuilt Mid-Engine Sports Racer

    similar mods on mine. One bummer is that my nice machined aluminum adapter for the Girling reservoir is no good - apparently Girling changed the thread sometime around 2010, so if you have an old one, you'll need to make a lid out of an old cap.
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    Explain This Clutch/Transaxle Behavior

    Anybody have an opinion on the necessity of using similar stays on a block with deep skirts - like an LS motor?
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    Interesting Superfromance at SEMA.

    very cool looking, but he left some low hanging fruit with the front splitter - extending it to the front wheel outer edge, and adding a vertical fence/back wall would be good for downforce.
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    Engine dies when clutch operated.

    Ughh, sorry to hear this. I am very curious what could cause a crank to walk back in the block and destroy the thrust surfaces.
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    Covid19 vaccine- report your progress

    ^ I think it would be more diplomatic to call it "misinformed". "Fake news" is a too common reaction to anything uncomplimentary said about conservatives, even if it is in fact 100% correct. Back to Fox, the majority of staff there are vaccinated, according to what I've read. The bigger...
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    Fitting a sniper efi

    why not use a swirl pot in the engine bay to feed one HP pump?
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    er, I think the author needs counsel!

    The author is deranged. Wonder what he considers to be a good looking car?