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    Monocoque on ebay

    ^ any chance you have another pic that incorporates that node, but more from side angle? Having trouble figuring out where that element ties in - is it the top bar running from windshield "header" to top of rear bulkhead/roll hoop? If so, I am blown away by its stiffness contribution...
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    MK IV tubular spaceframe drawing

    cool stuff, requires more thought on suspension and engine anchoring points. Can't easily add structure after the fact.
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    Michael's GT-R Build

    I think you also need to examine the length of your shift cable, or the anchor point - the wiper seal is very close to the threads. When you actuate the shift lever, it's likely the threads will traverse the seal and start tearing it up, probably not what you want in the engine compartment...
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    Electric Mustang?!?

    I guess it's just a misguided attempt to increase awareness by utilizing a name that everyone knows. But trading away credibility for awareness seems silly.
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    Gear ratios for the GT40 Mark IV?

    Does the above simulation account for tire growth?
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    MK IV tubular spaceframe drawing

    HJ, assuming your program does not do stress/strain analysis, it might be a good idea to build a model out of balsa wood. That will help you find where the problems are. As Bob noted, stiffness of the bulk heads is crucial, as that's where the loads get fed through the chassis, front to back...
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    MK IV tubular spaceframe drawing

    I take issue with this. If the side structure/perimeter is properly built/configured, including stiff bulkheads, it will more efficiently carry torsional load than a center tunnel since they are further from the neutral axis. They also have the virtue of providing side crash protection. I...
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    U_joint on wheel side cv joint on diff/gearbox side

    You wouldn't put two U joints out of phase with each other - that would double the amplitude of the velocity variation end to end. Keeping them in phase means the output shaft and the stub axle remain at constant velocity, while the intermediated shaft has velocity variation. Which is somewhat...
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    New Transaxle Comparison / Discussion Thread

    My guess is that the transaxle is going to be pretty big, both by dimension and weight. Fitting it underneath a GT shell may be difficult.
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    CV joint removal

    Gents, I need to pull apart a 930 CV joint to press a reluctor ring onto the CV body. I took a cursory glance at the area where the circlip retains the axle within the CV, but it's covered in grease so I can't yet get a detailed look. Before I tear into it, it would be useful to know whether...
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    Paddle shift for H-pattern gearbox

    A big part of me wonders about the appeal of these systems. Any retro car like a GT40 or Lola T70 is fairly un-aero, so it will not corner as fast as a modern full bore track car. So why even bother trying to use a system like this to eek out a second a lap when putting real aero hardware on...
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    Staggerd wheel set up verses square

    equally, putting a 275 on the front of a GT40 may result in not enough heat in the tire to make it work. Unless you do some aero mods, a GT40 will have lift at the front. A big tire will only make the problem worst. Ultimately, race cars run tires that make them as fast as possible, and...
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    shifter cables needed --- gt40 mkII

    ^ yep. Had a set made in Europe from a very highly reputable firm, and didn't love them. Had the above make a cable for me, ended up being cheaper and a lot better - less slop, less friction.
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    mastershift paddle shifting issues. . .

    others may chime in, but as I remember it the Mastershift forces the shift very hard and may destroy synchros. I would research it before committing to its use.