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    Anti-roll bar loadings

    ^ agreed. If this isn't an out and out race car, seems sensible to install more durable components to ensure that it stays together, and you don't waste track time, especially if you have experienced this.
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    Anti-roll bar loadings

    maybe this is obvious, but...until you track the car, you don't really know what it needs. Roll bars are meant to balance under/over steer in the car, and keep the chassis at appropriate roll to work with the suspension geometry. You'd expect, all things equal, that the necessarily higher...
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    Cable shifter out of adjustment

    If you never touched the cable anchor at the shifter, you can probably leave that alone as it is buried under the console etc. make a cable end adjustment at the back end. Not being intimately familiar with ZF, if 3rd gear engages with a "push" motion, adjust cable housing towards the ball ie...
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    Cable shifter out of adjustment

    ^ gear shift lever is hitting a limit, due to slight change in neutral position, or lost motion in the cable run somewhere. Ensure cable housing is properly fastened along its length, especially before, during, and after bends, and bell cranks/ball ends are securely fastened. Next, look to make...
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    MK IV tubular spaceframe drawing

    Lozenging basically means the square cross section of the side pod becomes a parallelogram. It's not clear to me, but I thought I'd raise the question. If FEA is not available, building a scale model out of balsa wood might give you indications. Edit didn't see the most recent posts, subject...
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    MK IV tubular spaceframe drawing

    1) can you run FEA on your models? The only potential drawback of the vertical outside members is that they might allow "lozenging" through the cross section, but I can't say that with any confidence, thus FEA. 2) your rear suspension architecture is definitely more modern than original...
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    O1E LSD choices

    I don't have direct experience with this, so take with a big grain of salt. Depending on pre-load, plate type diffs may be more stable under brakes, entering a corner. May also encourage understeer elsewhere. Quaife more neutral throughout the corner.
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    Shocks/Springs dimensions

    ^ double amen. Hopefully, shock has internal bump stop which should be the limiter in droop. Getting bushings/rod ends to the point of bind is bad bad idea. In your case, I'm guessing the rear is limited in droop by the lower radius arm contacting the chassis, which again, is a bad idea.
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    Steve's GT-R Build Thread

    good luck with things! Regarding the failed hose, any reason you didn't use a steel reinforced one? I'm paranoid about any pressurized hose, especially one carrying flammable liquid. Secondarily, I know hose assembly is standard mechanical stuff, but I personally hate doing it. Especially when...
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    slc oil coolers

    probably the best solution is to feed the oil to a water to oil cooler. I don't run a heater in my car, and using the heater loop is a convenient way to make that happen if I chose.
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    Chassis’ in order BEST TO WORST

    I don't have a dog in this fight, but that's a loaded question - best for what? Ride/handling balance, pure handling, adjustability, maintenance? So many aspects to the question, never mind the bias that each of us brings to the equation. I can tell you that my car (not a GT40) is an absolute...
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    Monocoque on ebay

    ^ any chance you have another pic that incorporates that node, but more from side angle? Having trouble figuring out where that element ties in - is it the top bar running from windshield "header" to top of rear bulkhead/roll hoop? If so, I am blown away by its stiffness contribution...
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    MK IV tubular spaceframe drawing

    cool stuff, requires more thought on suspension and engine anchoring points. Can't easily add structure after the fact.
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    Michael's GT-R Build

    I think you also need to examine the length of your shift cable, or the anchor point - the wiper seal is very close to the threads. When you actuate the shift lever, it's likely the threads will traverse the seal and start tearing it up, probably not what you want in the engine compartment...
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    Electric Mustang?!?

    I guess it's just a misguided attempt to increase awareness by utilizing a name that everyone knows. But trading away credibility for awareness seems silly.