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    Tornado GT40 in Texas

    Good show. Keep the photos coming. I had a ball building mine! Bill
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    Tornado MKII

    Good to know you will be back to work soon. I can't wait to see your progress. Bill
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    Hi guys, Tornado TS40

    Welcome to the Tornado family. Let's have some fun!
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    First time a Tornado in Barcelona

    Yes, please put a ford in a ford. We non't need a goodwrench
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    Pictures of GT40's members and their cars

    All set for a long winters nap. May you all have a happy new year. Bill
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    Tornado Build -

    Please Frank, what are the reasons?
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    Tornado in Vermont

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    Tornado in Vermont

    Now that fall is gone and winter has showed it self, i have taken the time to ready the garage and move the 40 to its final resting place for the winter. It looks strange to see the 40 under my 1912 Stanley Steamer. I'll post some photos of that later. Any way here are some shots taken before...
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    Old Tornado- Bringing Back to Life

    good luck with the restoration. Bill
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    My Scratch Built Project

    Good to see your making good progress Phil. I hope life is treating you well. Bill
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    Tornado in Vermont

    That's what I thought Andy. Nothing is ever better than the original!
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    Tornado Build -

    Looks the same place I mounted mine. Hope my info helped Trev.
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    Political forum

    PLEASE, let's talk cars not politics.
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    Tornado in Vermont

    As I understand it, RF is a rip off of a Tornado. right or wrong? I don't know.
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    Tornado in Vermont

    I'm still dealing with a slight hesitation in the GT. I changed the power valve tonight but will have to wait to the AM to take a test drive to see the change in performance. I hope to have the AC system working next week.