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    Jokes anyone? -

    Did you hear about the magic tractor ? It turned into a field.
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    Coronavirus - Excellent Data-Based Analysis

    A plastic bag & cable tie would work too !
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    Coronavirus - Excellent Data-Based Analysis

    Ian, Neil, I think as a quick demonstration of why a 'real' mask is better than one produced from random fabric, the video is valid. Also valid is the reasoning & powder demonstration of how droplets behave in the air. Sadly you do need to dumb down to communicate with a lot of the public, on...
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    Tell everyone every week that you are surviving this COVID19. Just add your name to the list once a week and each of us will know if you are alive.

    Greetings ! Monday 27th. Is there anybody there ? if it's just me humanity is surely doomed !
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    Safir GT40 "real" and some other questions?

    The Safir MKV car is not accepted, to the best of my knowledge, in historic motorsport in the UK. This is because the MkV chassis has several differences to the original, which made it easier to produce. (ie. less stamped panels, more fabricated). To confuse matters however, two cars within the...
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    Thanks Andrew.
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    Wheel Bearing type (Torrnado)

    What Mike said ! Granada 1&2 were drum braked on the rear. Mk3 had rear discs on all models. diagram of Mk3
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    That's stunning, thanks for posting Andrew. I saw Hans racing that car many times, especially at the Le Mans Classic. It had a minor fire one year. I'm interested in the hand brake. It looks like a pistol grip type rather than the 'sideways Anglia' one. Is this feature unique to the Mk1 road...
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    GT40s @ Goodwood

    Me too Randy.
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    GT40s @ Goodwood

    See also the simplified, lightweight rear body & matching flat doors. Plus all the other panels are 'pulled in' along the bottom to line up with the top of the chassis, where as normally all the panels overhang the chassis by about 3/4 inch to line up with the sill covers. As the car below. Steve
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    GT40s @ Goodwood

    Very nice but that's not the car in the first post, neither is it Craig Davies one in the petrolicious article on post #2. (Henry Mann knows his stuff. Alan Mann Racing recently did some chassis restoration work on Fords own GT40P/1008)
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    What might you do?

    I think you have identified the salient point. One car is the 'continuation car' & one is the replica. It's up to you, but have you lusted after a 1960's GT40 (or as near as you can get, short of a Gelscoe or similar) or would you be just as happy with a GT40 replica? I think that decision...