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    ULEZ & Congestion Charge central London

    To all our American friends ....... there is a lot of talk here in UK on other forums about the EPA 'raiding' companies that make performance parts. Furthermore it is being suggested that the Biden administration is going to wage war on the internal combustion engine. The doom mongers are...
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    ULEZ & Congestion Charge central London

    Hi Paul. I've been waiting to see if anyone replied to your topic. I suspect that the huge number of our American buggies that use this site are not fully aware of what an ULEZ is. In the fullness of time one can see this being introduced in Los Angeles, Etc, Etc (although probably not in Texas...
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    SLC in the UK

    Hi Guys. Has anyone ever built an SLC in the UK and (most importantly) got it through the UK IVA test. It occurs to me using an LT4 engine would be a good start point and the rest of the build would be all the requirements that us Brits have to deal with (most of which would cause our American...
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    GT40 kits manufacturer

    As stated above talk to Mick Solis at Southern GT or Andy Sheldon at Tornado. Both have been producing well known products for a long time with many examples successfully put through the IVA test. I note you say "for a not so big price". The reality is you will need to budget £50-100K to do a...
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    Finally GT40

    Hi Paul, Good to see you are getting some feedback. To state the obvious I would strongly recommend that you visit Mick at Southern GT and Andy at Tornado. You are going to be spending a lot of money and therefore you need to feel comfortable with the person you are dealing with. As individuals...
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    Finally GT40

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    302 Non CAT Emissions for IVA

    Hi Marcus, I hope you saw the reply from Andy Sheldon at Tornado. There are a number of engine rebuilding companies who can issue an engine dating certificate. HOWEVER, before rushing ahead I strongly advise you talk to Andy at Tornado or Mick Solis at Southern GT. They regularly put customers...
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    Un1 oil leak/amount of oil

    If you want to talk to an expert (and very friendly/helpful guy) then call Chris Cole (01952 416051). He rebuilds & supplies UN1 gearboxes and will be able to answer all your questions in seconds.
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    GT40 replica prices

    Just coming back to the original question (as far as the UK is concerned) ...... it is easy to see that sales are VERY slow. Just a quick look on Pistonheads shows 5 cars currently advertised with 3 different dealers at prices between £70,000 and £87,500. Some of these have been on the market...
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    Club AGM

    This announcement poses some very interesting questions. Unless EVERY single member is given the opportunity to be part of the proposed conference call and has the facilities to participate then it is not valid as an AGM. How will voting take place. How will the Club Accounts be presented and...
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    Insurance help

    Absolutely suggest you try Classic Line. I moved all my vehicles (classic cars and domestic vehicles) from Footman James over to Classic Line. Easy people to deal with and always helpful.
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    Pass in time for summer.

    Well done Martin ..... we are all cheering for you. Ditto Paulbav above, please explain your comment about reflector/body open. I've not heard anything like this before. It is good to share as much information as possible, as this can be vital input for those currently in build (which is quite a...
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    Braided Hoses Throughout!!

    Hi Guys ........ it's probably worth mentioning for those in the UK, that if you use braided hoses on a new build then make sure you have appropriate paperwork for the hoses as the IVA inspector may ask to see proof that hoses are 'fit for purpose' i.e. you have supporting documentation that the...
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    Hi Darren, I've been meaning to contact you ....... unfortunately the other event (not car related) that I'm involved with once again clashes with the NEC dates. It's becoming a pain, as this seems to be a regular situation. I would love to be on the stand again (and with car), so maybe next...
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    Post IVA registration

    Hi Marcus ....... I'm not trying to be negative ...... however you describe the car as a 'Barn Find Kit', do you know what make the kit is and how old. The standards of the IVA test are now much higher and an old kit will have many areas where it will be non-compliant. If you are considering...