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    GT40 Eye Candy

    Beautiful car,enjoy her. I hope you liked our little part of the country,Dennis and the guys do a fantastic job. I have met him on several occasions and he's always been gracious with any and all question i had. Again, enjoy your machine and drive her in good health.Also,just wanted to say that...
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    The Mitty

    The Mitty at Road Atlanta is this weekend and has already 409 entries! Anyone else going?The weather looks good all weekend. B.
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    MK IV production status?

    I was at Ken's place several weeks ago,as he's about 15 miles from the house and there was only one 40 there and it was up on the plate.The rest he said were out at the paint shop.The remaining car will be his.Also there was an original 289 Cobra in for restoration,car was very rough shape(body...
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    Did this really happen?

    Personally,i hope it's true and pray to God the leader of our nation would call this highly intelligent,forward thinking and patriotic man and get the same perscription for whatever he's taking to enlarge the size of his testicules,if that in fact what it takes fix this ridulous problem we have...
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    At the barn...

    Best of both worlds, great looking cars,thanks for sharing the pics. W.
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    Carlisle - anyone going

    Well, I went to Carlisle and enjoyed it. Lots of nice cars and friendly people.Got to meet Scott from Tornado and look at his car and ask a ton of questions.Everyone from the manufactuers were very nice and helpful.I had a great time and the weather held off making everyone very happy.I got...
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    Tornado usa at carlisle

    Scott, It was nice to meet you and look over your car and the roller.Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.If you don't remember,i'm the guy with the 308 thinking of selling and starting a ''40''.Hope you had a great Carlisle i know i did! Wilby
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    Carlisle - anyone going

    Missed it last year but will be there this year on Sat.Hope to meet some of you guys and look at your cars. B.
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    SPF GT40s at Road Atlanta

    I spoke to him there and he was really pumped after qualifing on the pole,i'm sure he was more excited after the win!! B.
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    CAV Manual

    If there's any chance of me getting one so that i might see what i will be facing once i make the commitment,it would be greatly appreciated.My e-mail is [email protected] if available. Thanks, Bill
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    Some amazing pictures from 2008

    Wow, its been an incredible year.Best wishes to all in 2009 Bill
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    Who rides cycles around here?

    Well, i started in 1967 on a Bridgstone 175 dual twin,then a Honda 305 Superhawk,1968 Harley XLCH Sportster,69 BSA Lightning,1971 CB750-4,1973 Kawasaki 900Z1,Back to a 1963 H-D Duo-Glide pan,then a couple of Honda CB900's, Kawasaki 750 turbo,Ducati 900ss,Suzuki 750,Honda CB 1100F,1991 H-D...
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    Old GTD Literature

    Kev, you are probably very correct,i just got home and going over the lit,there is a reprint from Fast Ford in the packet dated June 1991.Also, the sheet that has ''Hardymotors Announces Derek Daly Series'' date is smudged,but more than likley 1992 instead of 1982.So, more than likley you are...
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    Old GTD Literature

    Thanks for the reply, i'm at work now so i'll check this evening.I am sure the paperwork/letter has that date on it.If you'd like i could fax to you,not sure i have capablity to e-mail,will see if office girl can scan and e-mail to me then i can send to you.Could you PM me your e-mail. Bill