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    Mecum Mecum has a reserve, so no danger to the seller, except for transport costs.
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    Is the owner on here or does anyone have contact info for him?
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    Anyone know the MK2 that is being auctioned at Mecum in May?
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    Wanted - Right Hand Drive Superformance GT40

    Looking for a RHD Superformance GT40, prefer MK2, but would consider MK1. Ideally, a car that HAS been tracked. Not looking for an aesthetically perfect car. Can be roller. Please DM me or call text 412-721-2261.
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    FS USA GT40 Superformance Door Eyebrows

    For sale: Superformance GT40 MKI Door Eyebrows. Black plastic. Used, but in perfect condition. $90. Pittsburgh, PA.
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    Tell me why i should or shouldn’t buy this GT40...

    You really can’t compare like you are doing...doing so would be like comparing steak at Lone Star vs. steak at Capital Grill and not considering that one is a skirt steak and one is a Kobe Filet. The High end is the SPF where essentially the only difference between it and the original is the...
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    Tell me why i should or shouldn’t buy this GT40...

    I echo what Larry said. The first question you want a replica or a continuation car? Moreover, do you want the visceral experience of the real thing or do you just want to look like the real thing? Once that question is answered, then and only then can you proceed to answer your intial...
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    Superformance GT40 MKII For Sale. ***SOLD***

    Congrats! Are you ready to sell the Pantera yet?
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    Winged Dzus Fasteners

    When will these be available? I was going to just make a set next week. Please DM me on price.
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    RCR GT40 Partially Completed Kit ***SOLD***

    I had 2 McLaren 12Cs and they are excellent cars. I sold my last one to fund my Superformance GT40. I guess we have similar tastes. They are great cars, cheap maintenance, as compared to other super cars. Good luck!
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    Superformance GT40 MkI - RHD **SOLD**

    Love everything about it. Exactly what I wanted, but couldn’t find a RHD one last year, so I bought a LHD and did all the racing upgrades to mine. Appears to be an excellent value. If I could afford a second car, I’d buy it in a second. GLWS.
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    Newer Car GT40 branded caliper brake pads

    Beautiful! That is definitely on my list. Luckily, I have not had that issue, so the turkey pan is a project for another day.
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    Newer Car GT40 branded caliper brake pads

    They were locking up in a straight line threshold braking exercise...not during a downshift. It was odd. The bias bar appears functioning fine, the masters are new from Olthoff. On the track you would never slam the brakes on as I was doing in the exercise, unless in an emergency...but that...
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    Newer Car GT40 branded caliper brake pads

    I’m going through the process of setting my car up to race. Sent it to Olthoff for a couple months over the Winter and did essentially all R spec upgrades. Had many other track items installed by my race mechanic. Took the car to The VRG school 2 weeks ago to get my vintage license and had...
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    Finally a GT40 Owner!

    It already has mirrors. They are mounted to the window via a bracket that uses the window mounting holes. They are carbon fiber but painted black, so tough to see in the pictures. Best part is no holes in the body!