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    Custom wheel source.

    For those who are interested in buying custom wheels, what is the offset for a SLC planning to use 275/35zr18 and 325/30zr19 tires or maybe the new Z07 setup with the 19/20 rims? Thanks in advance
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    Suspension noise

    With my SLC's first impression while driving I had a lot of popping, creaking with steering and suspension inputs, I lubed every heim joint made BIG difference. The other area that may cause some popping /creaking is on the springs, as they compress and rebound they may twist on the perches...
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    How many are finished and being driving

    Wait till your driving and people are swerving beside you and are trying to take photos of you cruising down the road. At that point it's you civic duty to speed out of camera range to avoid distracted driving.:laugh:
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    Door seals

    Another cost effective option is look at Home depots selection of foam tapes online. You might find an application that works better for certain locations. enjoy the building experience!
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    Anyone know this SL-C for sale on ebay?

    I thought this would be an appropriate thread to bring back to life for this Ebay posting, This car I have seen in person and is the "Real Deal" with second to non in Quality, Craftsmanship, and parts creating one of the finest SuperLite SLCs on the market today. Replica Kit Makes Superlite...
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    SLC - 3 point retractable belts

    It has been brought to my attention and in my opinion 3 point belts leave the driver vulnerable to submarining due to reclined seat position of the SLC. Please understand todays modern cars use 3 point seat belts in conjunction with airbags.Your upper torso will rotate being unsupported evenly...
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    How much R134a for initial fill?

    I just went for it and bout a 12 pack of 12oz cans and around 36oz (3 cans) seems to be a sweet spot, blowing frosty cool air.
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    Fling SLC Build Thread

    Very nice work on your wing support connecting it to the frame, looks like it goes back and gives your gearbox that extra protection in a mild rear end bump moving energy to your frame instead of you prized gearbox.
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    Superlite Aero

    Are there any build log photo's? It's what under the surface that make the sales
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    Superlite Aero

    Looking might awesome! Congrats on what looks to be a running prototype to be the first of many race cars to come.
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    New track/ race car NP01

    Now the cat out of the bag, named the "SUPERLITE AERO" looks like a worthy turn key race car thats homologized and cost effective. Am I going to see Ryan Ellis Motorsport running one of these in future?
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    I have to admit, that it makes my top 10 list of cool cars, If RCR would release a simple (F/G body and a mono-cock frame) kit version of this car, I think it would be a good seller.:thumbsup:
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    Front Splitter Braces (Eyebolt?)

    For the original post looking for the "eye bolts" Custom Bracing Threaded End Assemblies: Five Star Race Car Bodies $19 for a set of 4
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    Team QRP

    Looking good on the front cover of Speed News NASA SPEED NEWS MAGAZINE - FEB 2015
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    I do believe Fran had one on his 01 car when it had the street tail.But also he has a louver vent between the inlets. Send me a reply via Email I will send you a photo or two.